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Big Bad Bow Modding Trouble

04 May 2010 - 09:12 PM

With all these BBB posts coming up I decided that I would try modding mine also.

I removed the ARs, sawed off the existing orange BBB Barrel to approx 1/2" long and hot glued a CPVC coupler on to it, put a NF spring inside the BBB spring, E-taped around the seam on the front part where the AR once sat to reduce air loss.

I have a 6" PVC Barrel in the CPVC Coupler, to prevent the dart from swirling around inside the PVC Barrel or falling back in to the chamber I have part of a Tampon Applicator (no Crayola markers were handy, so I got inventive), this seems to have a good snug fit with the stock darts I'm using.

I tried this with Sonic Micros, Sonic Micros with hot glue in the end, Streamline Micros with an Airsoft BB in the tip, Streamline Micros with hot glue in the end and Suction Micros.

The issue is that my distances really haven't changed at all, the Super-glued Sonic Micros are getting the best range but sometimes they fly off wildly or go in different directions.

Suggestions? Anything I did wrong with my mod in the first place?