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The Semi Long Awaited Nite Finder Review

19 September 2004 - 05:29 PM

The long awaited Nite Finder Review
Hello all, if you remember the last topic I made “The wal-mart report”
Since then, I had promised to review the two Nite Finders I had purchased, and now that time has come, and with out further ranting or intro I give it to you.

General Overview:
The thing that caught my eye in the store was its price, set only at 5.97 a piece, in comparison to my slight budget and the price of other Nerfy goods at the store, I bought two of them, other than price the other reasons I was attracted to the gun was because it
had a light (a feature that I have not had in any of my arsenal yet) it had a great paint scheme that seems to be commonplace in this line of guns.
After returning home with my new weaponry, I removed the gun from its cardboard womb and examined it, its large enough to fit in a holster, it has the light ingeniously positioned under the barrel and under that two ammo slots, I should note that the darts that it comes with are “sensitive” and do not have “recovery foam.”
I pulled back the orange lever and fired it, the report that came out of the gun was loud, I even got some kick back from the gun, I looked at it afterwards finding that the plastic case over the light can be adjusted for accuracy, now my curiosity peaked as I tested it giving you the results below.

Note: You insert AA batteries for the light to work, you only need to unscrew the one screw that is on the handle, when it works the light will be in a bulls-eye pattern/

I was impressed with the accuracy of the gun, even at maximum range it still had near 100% accuracy. Score: 5/5

With a max of 32 ft, its the best range I have seen for a pistol as of yet. Score: 5/5

The gun shows no flaw in this area. Score: 5/5

Overall Score:
This is the perfect large single shot handgun, and for only 6.00 a pop I recommend buying as many as you can, I will always bring one of these to all my future wars.
Overall Score: 5/5

The Wallmart Report

15 August 2004 - 08:53 PM

(If this post is useless feel free to delete it)
The Wall-mart report for the Aransas Pass Wall-mart

Hello fellow nerfers, today I went to the Wall-mart in Aransas Pass Texas, below I will post all of my findings of nerf and nerf like weapons, let me say that the nerf section was not very big in fact, it only covered about one twelfth of the isle.
The very first thing that caught my eye was the Titan N-strike and company, I was amazed at how big the gun(s) were, and it had a fairly hefty price tag as well $40.00 they only had two left, also there was about 20 or so Atomic and Reactor ball guns, as well as about 20 night strike nite finders.
I looked inside their Ammo bin and found a ten pack of normal micros, two ten sonic micros packs, a ten pack of sonic megas and even a pack of Gyro strike ammo, also they had over 50 spider-man web slinging glove thingies 2 out of 3 of the actions are dart firing, they may have some potential as weapons.
In addition, the last items I saw were disk shooters with disk refills but seeing as how crummy they were I will not type much about them.
I bought a pair of night strike nite finders, will let you know what I think of them pretty soon, EDA

Combat Instinct Iii

11 August 2004 - 05:24 PM

I think this is the best free FPS game on the internet, try it.

I love the music for level 3 :lol:

Feelings About High School

10 August 2004 - 07:48 PM

Hi everyone, I just had a few questions on High School, its a stupid topic, I know but I have been HS (home schooled) all of my life and I really don't know what to expect, today they gave me a battery of tests for placement. I will be let known on how I did tomorrow.
I am only 14 but I would be going into the 10th grade is there anything I should know?