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Total Annihilation: Spring

01 February 2006 - 06:12 AM


For those of you that don't know Total Annihilation, it was an RTS released in 1997 by Cavedog, a company that died a while ago. It's widely known as the first RTS that didn't suck, and some (Like me) think it created what the RTS genre is today. It's also the reason I haven't slept in

TA Spring (Or TA 3D) is a 3D port of the game. It's got updated graphics and such, but most importantly, it's free. Theoretically, you need a copy of the original TA to use some of the content in there due to copyrights, but it's not like Atari (Who bought the rights) has indicated that they give a shit.

Enjoy :w00t:

Rscb Barrel Questions

27 April 2005 - 06:18 AM

This is terribly embarassing.

I cannot understand how the RSCB barrel works. Ever since THIRST introduced it, I really didn't get it.

Is there a little valve thingy between the first clip and the barrel? I don't see it mentioned anywhere, but it's got to be there, or else the air will flow both ways and your darts will spill out of your barrel and other things.

They Came, The Annoyed Us, And They Left...

24 January 2005 - 09:26 AM

Whered they all go? Aside from the scant few we civilized, I don't see the noobs anymore.. did they just leave?

He's Back.. With More Hair!

14 January 2005 - 05:46 AM

Yeah, I'm back, and I've neglected to get a haircut this whole time.

The ratchett is still lying in pieces, just in case you care (Screws and other small bits carefully sorted and stored, of course :) )

To go off topic in the off topic forum, this is disturbing me. I leave for a while and then there's a giganta-wave of noobs. I mean, new people coming to the game is great, but.. some of them just don't think most of the time. :nugget:

Seriously, you need to THINK to mod guns.

The Ratchetblast

20 December 2004 - 09:52 AM

Well, I couldn't find anything on the RatchetBlast besides this wierd "let's-stick-gluestick-casings-in-the-barrels" thing, and I felt like my 'Blast deserved more than this. Being me, I went ahead and busted it open. (Gently, of course)

Well, I opened it up and discovered... A four-barreled NiteFinder, without air restrictors, and with a cool cocking mechanism that allows for some really nice RoF. I haven't done anything yet, but I intend to lube the plunger, make it a single barrel, (Nest it, maybe if it's worth it. Can anyone give me the dimensions of the Nite Finder's plunger/airtank for comparison?) and rig a magazine to it that i'm designing which should use the cocking mechanism to load the gun, (Stefans flying at you every second at NiteFinder ranges? I like it B) ) and, just for kicks, i'll silence it.

The silent wind of doom, woosh. :w00t:

Pics, and hopefully ranges if I can finish the mod in time, tomorrow.

Sleepy, I am...