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#354244 Armageddon XVII: SoCal's Largest NIC War (2016)

Posted by Cannonball on 15 June 2016 - 07:29 PM

What a great nerf war! I was looking forward to Armageddon all year and it did not disappoint! Huge thanks to Ice9 and all the other people who made sure the war ran smoothly.

I think I should apologize for all those China darts I was slinging around. Just got them and was rotating through them and my K'nex darts. Would've put them away for good had I know it was harshing the vibe. My bad everyone!

My only other Con is that this war is only one day a year.

1. Familiar faces- nerfing with you guys is always a blast. Thanks for making the trip out again.
2. New guys - always amazed by the new people showing up, young and old. You guys are a blast. Keep it up. Come back next year!
3. Clicker deathmatch was excellent.
4. Dueling Hoongfu all day. I got a few lucky shots in!
5. Freezetag is always great, even when the CVN guys are lighting you up when you foolishly decide to take cover behind the picnic table closest to them. I've still got welts...
6. Three team Carpe was awesome. Our "runners" did work. Freed me up to try and steal from the corner team. I got one!
7. The weather was great.

This war was awesome. Plenty of cool stories to tell. I'm having a hard time remembering them all. I can't wait for next year!
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