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In Topic: May 18th. Down To The Wire...

18 May 2003 - 05:02 PM

the 26th is my date to be able to go.. sorry if you all already decided the date.. i haven't read any of the posts, there just wasnt anyone online to tell this to, and I got someplace to go to so im making it quick.

Reason: i got a umpiring game that day.. unless it's canceled since it's memorial day weekend.. so if anything i'll be late.. so go ahead and yell at me if you already figured everything out


p.s. tough crap if i dont have good punctuation

In Topic: Nj May War:

17 February 2003 - 11:37 PM

Not only don't I read directions, but I cannot get erections!

Seriously though, the ryming only makes a touchy subject easier for me...

[edited by your friendly and helpfull administration staff (hehe, staff, hehe)...shit I'm going to miss this when we get Karma]

In Topic: Nj Spring War:

17 February 2003 - 02:25 PM

Alright all you punks.. listen up.. It's Heef. This is about the upcoming fest, war, nerf outting, whatever you want to call it and then think your witty cause it sounds cool. Its gonna happen at Tindal, whether you like it or not. Our place kicks, its got massive amounts of space; we barely only played in about half of it. We have several distinct areas, from the 2 obstacle courses (a wide path down the middle of it), to the hilltop, to the weaving trails inbetween and all throughout tindal that are massively fun. We even have past the bridge where we didnt even touch. Ur place is cool, i had fun, but its too far away.. we need a good fight down here, like with people gunning other people down from sun roofs. Plus by May I'll have my lisence, even though that has nothing to do with this i just wanted to tell everyone that.

Alright.. enough of this bickering on the web site, I'm out.

Heef :huh: