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New England

26 January 2009 - 05:50 PM

So like, bring whatever you want, etc etc. we're going to be really loose about wars, it's all about the fun.

Please, bring 100 stefans, or more. Demetros of Foamuniverse may be willing to lend out guns, so PM me if needed and we'll work it out.

Round Types will be subject to change, depending on how we feel at what times. Guaranteed is 3/15, Pistols, and probably a CTF round.

Fuck it, bring all your guns, we'll have time so we can test it all anyway.

b thur ore b squr molfuckas

DATE: April 11th, date may change due to conflicting schedules
Starts: 11, we can start when everyone gets there.
LOCATION: Salem State


Stuck by Stefan

Foam Universe

Maybe Attending:

Laxtk88 (+1-2)

slienced assassin (+2-3)

Foam Universe

i don't even know if that list is right anymore, if it isn't don't post here, PM me.


14 November 2008 - 05:08 PM

Welcome, nerfers. It seems to me that there aren't that many Massachusetts Nerf wars. So, and I know this is quite far in advanced, how would people like to have a January war? I'm thinking mid to late January, because I know a lot of people ask for blasters for the holidays, and some might like time to modify said blasters. The reason for this being two months in advanced is the lack of activity lately in MA.

Who might be interested? And, please, idea's for games are welcome. I'm thinking that we could mix it up with the fields, if anyone knows a good place that they'd like to recommend, but if it comes down to it the usual playing field in Malden is perfectly fine. Let's go people, MA needs to start Nerfing again! Not just MA either, Maine and New Hampshire, or the rest of New England. Let's get some big wars going on in New England again.



ughhhhh (unregistered member)
+++Team Genocide+++ (+ 1-2 friends)

najmodder0424 + 4-5 friends
struck by stefan (FU)


01 July 2008 - 05:47 PM

So, Aguineapig (member at Foam Universe) and I have been trying to get a war in Maine going for a while. We're still deciding on a place, I'm just wondering if anyone's interested in attending. It will probably be in between the Acton or Portland area. I'll edit with the details in the next few days.

People who are attending:
Myself and two others
Guinea is bringing three to six people

Iron Man

04 May 2008 - 09:23 PM

By God, if you haven't seen this movie yet, you HAVE, I repeat have to go see it. The best Marvel movie, and Tony Starks a total badass. I can't wait for The Avengers, if that is the title of the next movie. Stay till after the credits. Anyone else's thoughts on the movie?

Ss Barel Relocation?

20 February 2008 - 10:36 PM

Curious as to how it is done, and having had one and not be able to modify it, I was wondering if anyone had a writeup they were willing to make. I don't want to destroy my Secret Shot, and I certainly don't want anyone else to, so if someone could tell me how to appropriately cut the tubing and such, it would be appreciated.