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In Topic: Electric Eel Problem

18 July 2004 - 12:52 AM

wow, your eel's internals look completely different from mine. I am missing all sorts of peices! Somehow, it still manages to work every once in a while.

what pieces are you missing? Maybe I can make some molds and resin cast them for you. I'll be making molds anyway, as soon as I get enough $$$ for the damn urethane.

In Topic: Yes. It's Just That Cool.

18 July 2004 - 12:44 AM

I dunno about you, but i dont roll my guns around in the grass, so I dont understand why you would get grass all over it....Also, Ive had the same E-tape on my plain x-bow for 3 years, looks brand new.....

I also dont have goop laying around the house, nore do I feel like driving 15 minutes just to go get some when I have 5 rolls of perfectly good E-tape right here.

3 Years? Usually after a few years, my electrical tape starts to degrade and the adhesive melts off all over the place... but that's on electronics, maybe it's different.

In Topic: George Petty Pinup Cosmetic Mod

18 July 2004 - 12:37 AM

Wow. Now if only you could do that to each dart! Amazing job!

In Topic: Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

17 July 2004 - 10:20 PM

No, I mean there's so much room behind the dart in the barrel that almost no air is going to get to the dart in a compressed enough state to make it go anywhere (Hope that made sense). At least that's the experiances I've had. Basically, it'll get more range with the less distance between the plunger tube and the dart. And my stefans fit in CPVC if I shove them in. I need alot of force to shove them in there, but you get a very satisfying pop.


dammit, you're right. usually when I make adapters, I make them just a little bit longer than the dart, and jam them in the gun about an inch. Yeah it's not as awesome as some of you can do, but for indoor games, it works.

This was supposed to be a barrel replacement for the NF, similar to THIRST'S, but then I started looking at the Vash gun parts and molds I had laying around and thought it would be cooler to make the attachment look like the end of Vash's gun. But then I picked up that Sharpshooter at Goodwill for a few bucks and figured, hell, I'll just make an adapter for it and send him the whole thing :P. Ah well, I'll make it anyway, you can see what it looks like and yell at me when it doesn't fire :P I have a Dremel. I can fix it.

Hunter: It's not really worth it to get rid of the knobs. If you sand level with the rest of the gun, you're cutting into the notches that hold some important parts, and removing a peg that holds the air chamber to the shell. I put 3 coats of bondo on those holes and still sanded through or paper thin. If you want something to experiment with bondo jelly on, maybe try just filling in the knobs and sanding them smooth, instead of the "nerf" and notches.

Screw it. I'm going back to two barrels. I'm fresh out of Nite Finders, but I have a Tech target here. hell of a mod when it's done. Putting the microdart attachment on the SSII was dumb as hell and twice as ugly. If I'm gonna do this, I'm going all out and making it work halfway decent too.

In Topic: Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

17 July 2004 - 10:06 PM

Hm as for that cylinder... I don't know, I kinda like the original pump that came with it, and I'm sure you could make it look quite good.

Psst, by the way Katachi, unless you shove those barrels down the stock barrels alot farther, you're going to have some serious problems firing stefans.


oh great :P

Wait, I didn't think you could use stefans with cpvc? I take a round file and carefully sand out enough to fit stock darts. Then I go over that with higher grit sandpaper. All my adapters were for stock darts, since any modded darts aren't allowed at the campus games in WI. Small price to pay for being able to play weekly, I guess.