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In Topic: Midnight Zombie Outbreak Survival Game.

07 September 2007 - 06:24 PM

answers to questions:

- Zombies are timed for three minutes generally by the zombies themselves, using their cell phones, the zombies are generally pretty honest and there have never been complaints

-We get away with this because the park isn't monitored, there is only one road entrance and there's a gate in the way (that we go under) There are houses on the boarders of the park but I guess we're not too loud, though a lot of times it seems like we are. In all six games we have never had trouble with the police at all. The game sounds a lot more sketchy then it really is, there's never any trouble.

- humans are turned into zombies when tagged by a zombie yes

-Humans generally can't, makes the game more fun and intense, and usually if the moons out its already pretty light out.

I do like the idea of a VIP escape sort of game, I honestly will take this into consideration.

Any ideas on how this game could be improved?

In Topic: Midnight Zombie Outbreak Survival Game.

06 September 2007 - 10:13 AM

I think you could set up a game anywhere where Nerf guns are available and you find a good place to play it, when I made the game it was just an idea in my head as something I would have fun doing, so I made it so I could play it and now its working very nicely. Also it is a bit of an honor system, there have been relatively little cases of cheating, a lot of it is sort of close combat so its obvious when someone is shot, but for the most part its okay. (generally the problem is when someone attacks a human and they shoot their gun both at the same time)