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Holy Guests, Batman!

16 August 2003 - 01:38 AM

I've seen this happen in other forums. It's probably bots from an web archiving program, but you could probably check to be sure, C. A friend of mine had this happen to his forum and he blocked the IP they were coming from because they were sticking around for longer than he wanted.

[evolution] - Stage One

07 August 2003 - 02:01 PM

As many of you have discovered through our [Evolution] signatures, a new project has been in the works - Nerf Evolved. This site combines the best aspects of any great Nerf site, and it is our hope you will appreciate the hard work we have put into it.

Nerf Evolved is a site being run by an all-star staff. You'll notice many of the faces and names as persons of authority on different Nerf Sites. These are the people that have shaped Nerf Evolved to what it is, but it is you, the community, who will decide the future of NE.

Today is the opening of the forums. Since Nerf Evolved is hosted on the Forum-125 Network, the NE Forums are part of the newest version of F-125 (the final stage of F-125v4 is almost completed). All previous accounts on F-125 could not be carried over, but active members of F-125v3 have been carried over through pre-registration. Don't fret though, registration is quick.

Feel free to post in the F-125 forums for now, but the Nerf Evolved Forums are what is crucial to the site. I won't go into a lengthy explanation of what that statement means, but you'll find out soon when stage two is reached. Don't worry, Nerf Evolved will be worth the anticipation.

Coming Down To San Diego For Spring Break

17 February 2003 - 04:50 AM

Allrighty, I'm coming down to visit my mom in San Diego the second week of April. It'd be real cool if we could set up the second SDNO (*nudges Steve*) or something. Heck, I would love to be able to attend a Nerf out in L.A., but any of you people that didn't see the awesome location for the last SDNO should really make a trip down to Felicita Park in Escondido... Pure sweetness. Anyway, I know that dates for spring break vary from location to location, so if anything, could we get something on a Saturday or Friday, maybe April 11 or 12?

F-125 Pluggage

12 February 2003 - 12:48 AM

Hello all. Was just cruising these forums when I thought that I might as well make an official topic to raise the awareness of Forum-125. It's pretty much a forum centered around Nerfers, but with the focus more on life in general with a little bit of Nerf on the side, for those unaware. We're hoping to have some open-minded and interesting debates and discussions in the near future (while some already underway), so I'd just extend a formal invitation to anyone interested. I'm an admin there, and I'm trying to keep these forums as spit-shining clean as possible, so anyone that doesn't fall under the category of "intelligent", stay away. Thanks!