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Weird Airtech 2000 Problem

30 October 2007 - 07:29 PM

So I got two stock at2k's from kohls today, and I got right to modding. I'm getting my brass on friday, so I decided to just give them a bic pen mod and put them back together. I opened up the first one and put a bic pen piece where the trigger's spring is. This is supposed to let the air out quicker. I also plugged the pump of the gun. Problem is, when i screw the At2k back together, it doesn't pump properly. In order for the goo gauge to go up, I have to pump 6 times REALLY fast. When i pump at a steady pace the goo gauge doesn't go up. On my stock AT2K, if i pump at the same speed, the goo gauge will fill up in 5 pumps. Also, when I unscrew the gun and pump it, it works. It only encounters this problem when I use the gun with the shell on. Anybody know what the problem might be?

What Is That Cool Move Where You Can...

25 October 2007 - 05:48 PM

You know the one that i'm talking about. The one where you're laying down on the floor face-up, so you lift your legs up to your chest and sorta jump to your feet really fast. I've been googling for twenty one minutes but i can't find it. What's it called?

Nerf Crossbow Is Being Sold In Amazon.com!

23 October 2007 - 06:16 PM


Problem is, the genius decided to sell it for $350. When I saw it on amazon, I nearly died of excitement. Then I saw the price and laughed for a few minutes. This is just a funny find that I thought people would like to see.

Lanard Blast Bazooka Leaking?

18 October 2007 - 07:40 PM

I bought myself a lanard blast bazooka and cpvc coupler modified it. The problem is, after about eight pumps, i can hear and feel air coming out of the front of the gun (the part where the air is supposed to come out of when you pull the trigger). When i pump it a few more times, i usually hear bigger air leaks. Is this normal, or is my LBB broken?

The Bad Nerf Day

18 September 2007 - 09:17 PM

Ok so i was supposed to go to my cousin's friends birthday party to watch over the kiddies there. Before we did that my family decided to go to a local target. When i went in,i looked around the store and then decided to go to the nerf section. I saw a true beauty. The national geo umbrella gun. So i whipped out my trusty wallet and spend 20 bucks on that beotch. After that my dad got pissed at me because he says that if he sees another nerf blaster in the house he will smash it to pieces. The target return person got her attitude on me and i ended up losing the 20 dollars. Apparently the 5 nerf guns i have are "the same plastic pieces of junk".He doesn't see why i would want another one.So of course, i still have a bit of time until i am a legal adult,so i have to listen to him. I walk out of target sad at the fact i just lost the oppurtunity to get the umbrella gun. When i exit Target i look to my right and see a little hippy looking guy near a van selling a bunch of junk.Guess what? Right in the middle of that junk is a nerf crossbow.My eyes are glittering at the sight of this beauty. Then i turn around and see my dad looking at me with this "I'ma whip your ass" look in his face. Oh, and to put the frosting on the cake, when i get to the party, the little kids are all playing with nerf guns. That's right, mock me more god. You might as well make my balls disspear while you're at it. I walked home with nothing.Worst day of my life mates. So how was your sunday?