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Zombie Tag Nerf

05 June 2010 - 09:45 PM

So last night, had about 6 friends over to the dorm/apartment complex I live in, and after dinner we were deciding on what to do. One of them suggested we play zombie tag, and me being the only one with Nerf blasters kept insisting we give the human(s) a pistol or something. What we came up with was the following:

One zombie is carrying a ball or object that is the "antidote." One Runner zombie, every other zombie, including the ball carrier can only go as fast as they can walk (power-walking is pushing it). Once however within jumping distance, zombies can lunge (never really encountered too much of a problem but is subject to change after we play some more maybe). We also tried to enforce spreading of the zombies, like limit it to 3 people to a group so human(s) would not have to deal with a huge cluster @#$% of zombies at once just to get the antidote.

1 Human = 1 pistol/maverick (we were using a dart tag hyper fire or the single shot one, but we are going to test out a maverick next time for 1 human) with 3-4 darts depending on the amount of zombies (4-5)

2 Humans= 2 pistols (nite finders, dt pistols or any single shot pistol that's not overkill) with 2-3 darts per person. Zombies (5+)
-Humans may run.
-No barrel tapping.

-Darts are reusuable, zombies are not allowed to pick up the darts.
-Once a zombie is hit, they are "stunned" and must count to 5 Mississippi out loud.
-*Runner zombie is an exception, and must count 10 Mississippi out loud. (We had an incidence where the runner was the fastest guy in our group, and pretty much no way for humans to escape once they encountered him.)
-Once the ball carrier zombie is hit, he must drop the ball while counting out loud, no zombies may pick the ball up after it has been dropped.
-Once humans pick up the ball, they must return it to a "safe location" or objective area.
-Zombies give human(s) 2 minutes to go hide/coordinate attack/get situated before moving out of the safe room and searching for the humans (perhaps can be switched around, but might have issue with zombies camping the start location if they are allowed to move out.)
-Cell phones are allowed to contact each other (at least in the place we were playing, its 3 stories tall, 3 stairwells and 1 elevator in the middle. Shaped like a big U or [ ).
-Zombies may not enter/camp the safe room after they have started moving out. Humans may only enter the safe room once they have retrieved the ball/antidote item.

That's all I have right now, hope you guys like the idea, and maybe try it out sometime if you can get enough people!
Comments, questions? Also feel free to change rules if you guys try it out and post here on how it goes, thanks!

Longshot Shredding Streamlines

16 February 2010 - 05:04 AM

Okay so my friend just gave me their longshot and they said that the gun jams up from the streamlines. Basically the 7 streamlines that came with it are all shredded up on the sides, torn up and chewn probably from the bolt. I stuck in a magazine with my own streamlines and after I shot them, all six streamlines had faint marks of something scratching them so I stopped shooting the longshot at the moment. I'm living in a dorm in college so I don't exactly have access to a lot of tools at the moment, nor the time to open it up and do something extensive, but I was just wondering has this happened to anyone who owns a longshot and what you guys have done to fix the problem if it has occurred? I don't really want to open it up unless there isn't a simple solution to it. We use only stock weaponry so streamlines/dart taggers are what we are using with and I'm not really keen on shredding up these streamlines which are already pretty crappy to begin with. Thanks guys!

Eye Protection

05 November 2007 - 01:47 AM

So you play nerf... simple foam-shooting guns that happen to be harmless little weapons that couldn't harm an animal. Well after the introduction of modifications maybe we'd have to change that statement. Anyways let me get to what I am trying to say. Wear eye protection if you play with modified or powerful nerf weapons.

Just the other day, I was at my friend's house along with another friend and we happened to pull out a few nite-finders/disc shot pistols and play around. Well my other friend and I ran away to my house, stocked up on some ammo and came back. The friend we had left at his own house, decided to pull out his modified Longshot and was pissed off. So we snuck into the house and I got split up and I heard shooting upstairs. Walked up to the room and about 5 inches away from my right eye was, I met the barrel of the Longshot and BAM... Thank God (sorry if you religious people don't like this) he didn't have any modified ammo with him because he can't make his Stefans flat and most of them were pointed like rifle rounds. Anyways my eye had no time to close so I was hit dead on and my eye was totall blurry. I can now see but there is still time-to-time blurriness. This happened two days ago on Friday and I am probably going to see a doctor tomorrow after school. This is just a warning for those of you who might think nerf is something you don't have to wear eye protection with. Well when you have modified something to shoot beyond what is safe, it is better to do so. I usually do wear eye protection when playing with modified nerf weapons however that day I was playing with stock pistols shooting stock dart taggers and mainly was not expecting the modified longshot that has a range of about 70-80 (we have not properly range tested but it is capable of those ranges)

Play safe guys, it's not fun when you have to walk around with a blurry or even blind eye.

Starcraft 2

20 May 2007 - 10:40 PM




Sorry, but it's been ten years, since I first got Starcraft Battlechest in First grade... YAY!


12 May 2007 - 02:06 AM

Hey guys, just thought I'd like to introduce a game or somewhat of one which my friend just brought me into... It's called "Lost" and you have to score like a point within 30 days or you are eliminated.
"This game is a student project that aims to show how 7 million people connect and become the game with the most number of players ever. It's about finding new ways of communicating an idea and crossing the boundary between the internet and the real world." More detail and Information is posted on the site.
So yeah link www.lost.eu/48a7c

Enjoy :P

Cheers to anyone whom may already be playing!