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Rival Games

07 February 2008 - 04:02 PM

Hello all. Some of you may remember me, some may not. Just wanted to drop in and plug my current project:

Sjnno 06!

24 March 2006 - 04:15 PM

South Jersey Ninja Nerf Outing 2006

Date - Saturday, June 3rd
Time - 10:30 am sharp ( I will be there at 10:00am )
Where - Chestnut Branch Park, 545 Main st. Mantua NJ 08051

10:30 - Meet up in parking lot. We will then walk back to the staging/playing area, load up, review the rules, split up into teams and play untill lunch.
12:30 - break for lunch.
1:30 - Continue play.
4:00 - War ends.

I will make my cellphone number available to those who PM me for it. Please tell me if you plan on arriving late as getting back to the feild might be a little tricky.

Lunch - 5 Minutes from the park are various fast food places and a super WAWA ( food and gas ! ). If you are not driving yourself, I would suggest packing a lunch (I will be so I can stay at the park at all times).

What to bring - Blasters, back up blasters, extra blasters ( You never know what might happen ). Lots of ammo. Make plenty of ammo for yourself. I will NOT be bringing extra ammo for others to use. I know OMC usually brings extra blasters and ammo for people to use/buy but you are better off supplying yourself. Don't be a mooch. Lunch money or a packed lunch ( bring plenty of water as it will be warm out and you will be running around ).

EYE PROTECTION!!!!!!!!!!!! - If you are under the age of 18 you MUST wear some form of eye protection. It doesnt need to be a full seal but enough to keep a dart form going into your eye. It doesnt take much force to turn your eye into goo.

What NOT to bring - Blasters that fire over 150' will NOT be permited. Homemades will be allowed on a case to case situation. Tank expansions are allowed as-long-as it's not going to kill someone...Leave your noob canons at home. If you are not sure if your blaster will be leagal or not, make sure you bring extra ones to use incase.

Bathrooms - I'm not sure if the bathrooms there will be open or not, so try to do #2 before you come. #1s will be ok since there are plenty of woods close by but lets try to refrein from doing so. If for some reaon, it is imperative someone HAS to do #2 the only place you can go is at the fast food places down the road.

Game play - The only two game modes we will probably play are team slayer and team CTF ( one flag ). Please feel free to suggest any other type you want to play:

Team slayer - We will split into two teams ( proably change the teams up every round or so ). Each team will start on opposite ends of the feild and go at it untill only one team is left. We will be using the 3/15 rule for this. The 3/15 rule means 3 lives, 15 seconds. When you are hit, anywhere on your person, you are "out". When you are hit, you count to 15 as you walk back to your teams starting position. When those 15 seonds are up, you yell "IN!" and you may continue play. When you have done this 3 times, your 3 lives are up and you are eliminated from the game. ELIMINATED PEOPLE MOVE IMMEDIATELY TO THE STAGING AREA. We do this so people still in game do not get confused about who is in or out.

One flag CTF - Again we will split into two teams and start at opposite sides of the feild. ONE flag will be placed in the center between both teams. The object of the game is to retreave the flag and return it to your teams starting position. We will probably use a small box to represent each teams starting position where the flag will need to be placed. IF YOU ARE HOLDING THE FLAG AND GET HIT YOU MUST DROP THE FLAG IMMEDIATELY. The flag is then obviously free game. The 3/15 rule will also probably apply here aswell. We may change that depending on how the game play works out to make things more fair.

The feild:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

The trees are spaced far enough where you dont need an uber rifle so dont be scared if your blaster isnt shooting hot. 50'-70' will be fine. There are some spots with large gaps/opening where longer ranged blasters could be of use. We will probably do a stefan line or two ( big line spead out across the feild to look for darts ).

Sjnno Planning

17 March 2006 - 06:29 PM

South Jersey Ninja NERF Outing 06

Me and my friends have been longboarding at a park 15 minutes from my house for some time now. We explored the entire area a while back and found that some parts would make for a great NERF outing.

Basicaly this is the thread to get things rolling. Who is interested in comming? I'd like to see the DCN come up here :P.

June weekends:
Saturdays: 3, 10, 17, 24
Sundays: 4, 11, 18, 25

PARK LOCATION(Edit): I dont have the exact address as of right now, but the park is in mantua. That should be enough to get you an idea of drive time. I will get the exact address as the time draws closer.

Here are the pics:

This area is a large, fairly flat grass feild with many many trees in a sort of random grid. Each tree is anywhere from a few meters to 10 meters apart. This is probably the best area of the park and should suit our needs perfectly. Very large and spacious. Two sides have a paved path wich can be used as boundires. Plenty of trees and space to make each round different from the last. CTF (two or one flag) and team slayers (3/15 rule) would work great here.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
This spot here on the corner of the feild would be the staging area. We can stash our stuff here and use this as a "safe" zone for people who have been eliminated from the game:
Posted Image

This is the wooded area of the park. It has a very long trail going through it with cover on all sides. The brush isnt very thick though. I do know that some people dont like woods NERFing but we can try it if we get bored with the above area wich I think would suit our needs much better.
Posted Image

This is me showing off on the very steep driveway :D
Posted Image


02 November 2005 - 02:34 PM


Listen, Love, Rock out!

I suggest listening to MegaMan2 and Castlecvania. The goonies song rocks hard also.

Removeable Turret Clip Mod

20 October 2004 - 04:01 PM

Ever since I intagraited my sm1500 into the shell of my Crossbow, Ive always wanted to figure out a way to attach the turret back to the tank securely or find another use for it alltogether.

Here my friends, is how to make your sm1500 turret ( or at2k turret though sizes may varry ) fit onto any airtank/plunger tube/homemade and for removeability:

Posted Image

The diagrams should be pretty explanitory. The use of the 1/2"-3/4" reducer is because of its unique shape, allows it to fit best on the back of the turret. The small bit of 3/4" cpvc glued onto the airtank ( can also do this with plunger tubes ) is so the whole assembley can be taken for multiple turret use. To measure the amount of 3/4" cpvc needed, just stick your pipeing in tightly, but not overly tight ( so you can get it back off easily ) and make a mark at the rim so you know how much pipeing will be inside. Then cutt accordingly.

Have fun, lets see some turrets getting put onto crazey things !