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08 November 2004 - 08:15 PM

My latest modification. In a nutshell, it's a NF with a RF20 Turret mounted on it.

Please forgive the terrible quality, but the only photo acquisition tool that worked was my crappy webcam. I tried my best to enhance them in photchop.

Posted Image

Side view

Posted Image

Diagonal view

I began the mod by removing the "Laser Light" thingy. I then cut four slots in the thing which used to hold the lens of the light. this was where I installed the RF20 turret.

The next thing I did was to install the Black thingy that supplied air to the turret. I achieved this by shoving a piece of 1/2" copper Repair coupling into the back of the black thingy. (which also came out of my old RF20) I then put some 1/2" CPVC into the Copper repair coupling. This I mounted to the plunger tube.

Now, came alignment. I had to completely redo the mod three times to get the alignment right. Unfortunately, you cannot learn from my mistakes, because the correct alignment of everything will vary. So, BEWARE THE TOUGH PART!!!!

Next, barrels. I found that the stock turret barrels cannot be used because you must seal the entire thing at once, something I can't do with Hot glue. So, in light of that, I chose to use 2.5" CPVC barrels, the inner barrels are relatively straight, but the outer barrels are angled every which way. And to that, I say TOO F***ing BAD!

Finally, I found the gun to be a little too front-heavy for my tastes, so I hot glued a couple of bolts into the old battery slots, and used a piece of steel tubing for a "Scope" (which has no value except that it helps ballance the gun and makes it look cool.)

It will fire nearly 50' with great velocity.

So, Whadaya think?

Old N.o. Stuff

14 June 2004 - 02:19 PM

I'm loking for the old Armageddon/Lano movies that used to be on Nerf Online.

The Wayback Machine doesn't have them
The new Nerf Online doesn't have them

Could someone help me? Pleeeeeeeeeeze?

Yet Another Kind Of Vortex Ammo

29 May 2004 - 09:07 PM

What you need:
a solo brand 3oz plastic cup
duct tape
electrical tape

the steps:
1: cut the bottom of the cup off at the edge of the little ridge at the bottom of the cup.

2: cut off all of the cup that is 1 inch above where you cut off the bottom.

3: cover the outside of your new ring in one layer of duct tape.

4: wrap the inside of the ring in one layer of electrical tape.

This ring is lighter, and faster than my previous ring design, but is more affected by the wind. I suppose I'll call them "Razor Rings" because they are so thin. By the way, you shoot them narrow end first. I have tested these rings, and they work as well as Evan Rings, perhaps better.

Also, with these rings, I now have two working homemade ring designs to my name.

Pics coming soon.

Mod Ideas For All Pump Automatics.

29 May 2004 - 10:08 AM

Okey, I'm pretty sure most everyone here has heard of the beast, a PVC backpack tanked PC. What I would not be surprised to know, is that most of you do not know that it was a little bit of a failure. (did that make any sense?) well, here's a backpack tank idea that may work a little better.

1: go out and buy a truck tire's innertube.

2: attach a pressure guage to the tire. (somehow)

3: also attach a high pressure hose to it. (somehow)

4: attach to the high pressure hose, a paintball gun valve.

5: attach to the paintball gun valve, a regulator. (you can attach this directly to the tire, and replace the high pressure hose with vinyl tubing, and keep your origional trigger. if the regulator will regulate stagnant pressure. (read the package to find out))

6: using vinyl tubing, bypass all the other innards of the gun and hook it up to the firing mechanism.

7: break out the dremel and epoxy.

8: put the regulator and paintball gun trigger in the gun, and secure them.

9: put the gun back together

10: NERF!

notes: I believe for this mod, a welder's regulator will regulate stagnant pressure. Also, a fire extiguisher valve may work to replace the paintball valve. But, the biggest problem with this mod, is that anyone will look like a dork running around with a tire on their back.

this next mod is about the same, just on a smaller scale:

1: do the same steps as the first mod, except, use a little kid's bike tire inner tube. (10-12" diameter) and, if you don't inflate it to more than say, 35psi. (It's a guess, since I don't know what the tolerances of those guns are.) you don't need the regulator, or the paintball trigger. Also, since it's so small, you can put it on, mabey, your belt, or the side of your gun.

the final mod is the simplest and least invasive.

1: go to the store and buy a tire stem valve.

2: put it in a 1/2" PVC end cap.

3: put a 2" section of PVC in that end cap

4: put another end cap on the other end of the PVC.

5: attach vinyl tubing to the PVC. (I'd sugjest, drilling a hole in the other PVC end cap, insert a brass adapter into the hole, and epoxy/plumber's goop it in.)

6: attach the vinyl tubing to the guns airtank.

universal notes: All of these mods allow you to pump up your autoguns with a bicycle pump, however, all the above mentioned mods work best when punped up with something like this

any questions, comments, red flags?

Reactor Mod

23 May 2004 - 11:02 AM

this mod makes the reactor shoot darts.

what you need:
1: x-acto knife
2: duct tape
3: 12" of 1/2" cpvc
4: NF cardboard target
5: superglue
6: 2" of 1/2"od 3/8"id pex tubing

1. disassemble the gun, and pry off the top section of orange at the end of the gun, and remove the black gasget.

2. using the x-acto knife, cut away the black air restrictors at the base of the pump thingy, and the black plastic lip around that, so the pex tubing can fit through the orange thing and into what used to hold the balls.

3. force the cpvc over the pex tubing about halfway (I had to do some serious shaving)

4. wrap the remaining pex in duct tape so there is a mostly airtight seal between it and the orange thing.

5. place the spring that used to advanse the balls, between the pump thing and the back of the pump tube as you reassemble the gun.

6. reassemble the gun

7. cut the NF target around the 50 pt. line, and cut a circle in the center, big enough to fit the cpvc through.

8. slip the piece of target over the cpvc and superglue it to the gasget.

now, with this mod, you should not ram the dart all the way down the barrel, 5-7" is good enough.

I got 70-80' flat with a forceful pull on it.

the spring in the pump tube makes the pump automatically push out once you fire, unless you're holding it barrel-up.