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Happy B-day Ironman

27 February 2005 - 03:22 PM

Happy 14th my friend. <_<

Tech Target Mod

04 April 2004 - 11:02 AM

I was fooling around with my standardishly modded tech target gun one day and decided that it might be awsome it I attached about 3 mini-bungie cords. Well.. I was right in some respect. The dart flew like 100ft but when I went to try again the gun wouldnt fire. I tried over and over again with no avail. Then I opened the gun up to find that where I had removed the air resrictor and just stuck a crayola barrel on there the endcap flew clean off. I quickly tried to superglue it back on there but it didnt exactly work well and when I fired it the same thing happened. Then I abandoned it for 2 weeks then finally decided to fix it. I epoxyed a PVC barrel lined with a drilled out crayola barrel about a 1/2 cm into the plunger tube.Then when that dried I decided to spray paint it silver to contrast the black body.

Hmmmm... It didn't feel quite done. Ahah! I decided to epoxy a 1in PVC "silencer" (drilled with a double helix of holes) style cover onto the plunger tube. (Not functional) Then I painted it black. It gets about 60-70 ft with a good Zero dart. There finished!!

Completed Gun
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