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Bcno- Postponed..

02 November 2008 - 10:25 PM

Well, Silencer liked the last BCNO war so much, we decided to host another!

Be there at 11 AM, December 13th. It'll be over around 4-5, depends on it gets dark by then.
Meet at the parking lot by the Baseball Fields.
No eye protection, no play unless over 18. I will bring extra Dart tag glasses

Primary and 1 pistol. (if you lack please PM Silencer, or I, and we will bring an extra)
Money, a nerf war always has things to be sold...


Field Diagram
Posted Image
Field is the Red box.
Staging Area is the Orange circle.
Path to the field is Blue Lines.
Parking lot is the Black square-ish thing
The red/white box is the playground for Siege and such.
The A is the mark for 670 S Maple Ave.

The pic was taken by google around Springtime, but its not under a crapload of trees.

Wilde Memorial Park
670 Maple Avenue
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Try just the address w/o the park's name in Google maps if you don't get the right place.
The address isn't exact, so you'll need this:
If you take the directions, you'll end up at S Maple Ave.
You'll see 2 baseball Diamonds on your left.
Go into that parking lot and get ready to nerf.
The field is less than 1/8th of a mile away.

If you get lost, get directions to 1 HARDING PLAZA.
The field is across from that, and across from the Glen Rock Station.
PM Me for a cell # if you'd need it


Attendance list:
Silencer (maybe +2, guessing Tom and Andy?)

Ice Spartan

My New "pistol"

18 August 2008 - 08:41 PM

Well, after Apoc and NJWar, I noticed I needed a good sidearm. But not huge, I wanted pistol sized. And I had a Discshot shell, and a couple airtanks. After contemplating all my ideas, I made my Discshot 3k... *dun dun duh*

Posted Image

Yeah, I guess half the people here are disgusted, or even appalled that I did this to an already good sidearm. Form over function with this thing...

But before I show anymore, watch the quick video I made.

In there, you can kinda see the airtank, and where I had to dremel. Its blurry because its so close (and set on 3.1 Megapixels).

Posted Image

Here, you can see the slide action pump "open". It takes two pumps of the slide to get 55-70 feet (more or less).

Posted Image

I came up with the idea for a pump when I just had the black piece there as a handle. It was uncomfortable, so I drilled a hole, and hot glued a headless screw in it. Then, I remember a couple NF mods with a slide to cock it (not the Maverick), so I dremeled some 3/4" PVC to make the slide. I cut a groove to fit a nail, which I drilled into the pump tube so the slide could only go a certain distance, and not get off the track.

To connect the pump, I use a 1/4" quick couple.
Posted Image

As of now, I have a keyring trigger, attached with some thick wire my Dad had. I prefer this over the normal trigger because I happen to press the DS's trigger too often, and I can use my thumb to shoot and hold the PVC "foregrip" (not in pictures) at the same time.

I'm thinking about making another one of these and either dual-wielding, or make a "Manta" Mod with them, and maybe a 2k in the middle.

I may post a mini-write-up if anyone is interested in making one, and I'd be glad to. This thing is really fun to use, and very quiet. Great for my type of game :D

I posted this as it's own thread because I thought it deserves it. I took a lot (3 days of constant work) of time on this, and it paid off. And this IS the Modifications Forum :rolleyes:

So, what do you all think? I'm also thinking about a paintjob...

Nerf At Subway

12 August 2008 - 12:07 AM


I was just doing the Subway Scrabble game (would like a GPS for cheap) and saw on the front page, their "kids meals" have Nerf stuff with them!

I know its not foam darts, but its still kinda cool...

I also wasn't sure whether to put this in General Nerf, or Off Topic, so please move to the more appropriate place.


Longshot Restrictor Removal

11 August 2008 - 10:15 PM

Heres the easiest way to remove your brand new Longshot's AR.

All you need is a Longshot, screwdriver, and pipe cutters!

Sorry I don't have a few pics, its pretty easy to understand though, but heres CS's LS internal pic.
Posted Image

First, tear that shit open and get to the plunger tube and boltsled.

You can try taking off the boltsled (its pinned in) but the one's I've seen recently have been really tight or glued.

Then, take out the plunger. Just so you have the bolt and plunger tube (which is one piece, for now ^_^).

Now, you only have like, 2 mm of room to cut the bolt from the line in the photo. You can cut anywhere to the left of the deep groove, to the other line.
Posted Image

Just tighten the cutters a little, and cut until the front of the bolt falls off. Posted Image

Now you can take out the huge AR and drill the peg out.
Posted Image

Now, you can just super glue it back in when your done, but if your putting in a stronger spring, you may want to try an epoxy of some sort.

The best part about this is how its so damn easy! I do NOT recommend a dremel, or saw of ANY sort for this. Only pipe cutters will work, otherwise it won't be the 2 pieces that it should be.

Hope you all like this, and hope you all use it. I JUST thought of it right as I drilled out my AR's, so thats why I'm missing a few pics.


Doomsayer Sighting

15 July 2008 - 11:15 PM

Well, I was looking at previews for Fallout 3, and guess what I found...

Posted Image


This was too great to not post, sorry if its kinda a waste.