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Gorilla Glue Or Epoxy?

16 February 2008 - 03:01 PM

I need to glue what comes down to hotglue to plastic. The bond is going to have to take quite a bit of abuse, so I'm not sure what to use. It's come down to either gorilla glue actually attaching it, with epoxy built up around it for added support (The epoxy will only stick to plastic if I do this, but the glue will stick plastic and dried hotglue together), or just using epoxy the entire way. I've never had to opportunity to use epoxy before, so I have no Idea how strong it is. Does anyone have experience with both and can tell me which is stronger?

Longshot Clip And Breech

18 June 2007 - 11:26 AM

I'm trying to mod my longshot so it can shoot stock dart tag darts (for a bunch of "wars" where the church will be supplying darts and most people will only have stock guns ).

So my plan is to put a PVC pipe that's the diameter of the dart tag dart head so it's replacing about a half inch of the back barrel in the breech. The idea is to pick up the dart, with enough room for the head, and then have the back barrel fit around the front one (the opposite of how it is now). I've checked, and there's plenty of room in the front barrel for the head, but if I just cut the back barrel, there would be a hole in the barrel that air could leak out.

The only problem is actually getting the darts. I have like, 10 stripped screws in my longshot at the moment, so it will take some doing to be able to open it up to look first hand, and I need to see how the breech system works with the clip. Could anyone who has a longshot open check if the PVC would run in the the clip, or not grab the dart at all? Has anyone attempted this, or can come up with a different approach to it?

Darts Falling Out?

27 May 2007 - 03:54 PM

I seems to me that in every gun, the little pin thing is the only thing that keeps the dart in place before you fire it (as you're running around and stuff), so I don't take it out. But now that I've gotten around to taking the AR out of the longshot's front gun and finding it impossible to do while keeping the pin intact, I've run into the delema of taking it out or not. How do you keep the dart in the gun without the pin?

note that I can not do brass/pvc barrels due to lack of spare cash and time. though I might be able to do a crayola barrel. Also not that I'm planning on useing either CDTS or stock streamline darts