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Lazer Kraze, Near King's Island

11 September 2010 - 03:43 PM

All the normal rules; stock darts, bring a bit of cash, obey my commands without question.

The Stonewall shield will be allowed as a shield.The stampede shield will not be permitted to be used as a shield. I'm not going to have time wasted during the event because two people are arguing that the dart struck the shield or the barrel.

That aside, so you folks there.

Lazer Kraze, Cincinnati, Ohio.

10 July 2010 - 01:02 PM

Same location as last time, right next to King's Island. I expect admission to be just a bit higher than last time, as we have the arena from 8pm until midnight. (4 hours, rather than 3).

All the normal rules for the arena; stock darts only, no singled blast bazookas, titans, or anything of the ilk.

Cincinnati Nerf War At Lazer Kraze, June 11th.

29 May 2010 - 04:16 PM

Same location as last time; the Maineville facility. Same time, be there at 11pm. I expect costs to be closer to $6-7 this time around.

3187 Western Row
Maineville, OH

Twitch +1
Fathertime +(4-5)
Prince Valor +(1-2)

1-20 others from the Cincinnati crowd who lack accounts. (Don't worry, Camo will not be there.)

Cincinnati Nerf War At Lazer Kraze, May 22nd.

12 May 2010 - 07:17 PM

Time: May 22nd. 11pm-3am.
Location: Lazer Kraze

3187 Western Row, Maineville, OH 45039

The special rules for nerfing in the laser tag arena are as follows:

Stock darts only, no stefans. No putting glue in the dart heads, no putting bb's in the dart heads, no shoving fishing weights into the backs of dart. If the darts have been modified in any way, they, and their owner, will not be permitted within the arena.

Titans, blast bazookas, and their ilk are also banned, even stock. They are only permitted within the arena provided they fire from 4 or more barrels simultaneously, and cannot fire from less than 4. Home-made blasters are also banned at this time. No blasters with ejecting shells (BuzzBee double shot, RFR, and Clip tek, for example) are permitted. (I don't want anyone tripping, falling down, and breaking something/getting injured.

We will meet at 11pm, go over rules, select teams, and introduce ourselves. The war will start at midnight, after they close for regular business and kick out all the regular customers. We will stop nerfing around 2:45, to clean-up

I expect the cost to be $5/person, though that cost may vary, depending upon final turnout.


Foam Ninja
Fathertme +2-3

The Abused+3
Prince Valor +1
+ about 10 others from the Cincinnati area w/o NH accounts.

Some pictures of the arena
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

What's that? fluorescent warpaint? you bet your ass.
Posted Image

Not my xbow, but a fine example of how awesome bright, fluorescent-painted blaster appear.
Posted Image

Hope to see you there.

Greater Cincinnati Area Lazer Kraze Wars

05 May 2010 - 10:22 AM

Last summer we rented the laser tag arena on more than a few occasions in which to hold Nerf wars. I'm trying to gauge interest from the rest of you, and see how many people are interested in doing it again. These wars will be open to the NIC, now that I've had a season of testing

Last summer, Valhalla aside, the wars were Friday evenings, from midnight to 3am if I recall correctly. Cost was (usually) $4-5/person.

Due to the way events were scheduled, wars were (and I suspect will be) only capable of being announced about 7-10 days before they were/are held.

Please post if you are able/willing to attend such wars, and if you are interested in possibly paying more/person to rent out to arena during more common nerfing hours and for a longer span of time.

If it matters, the most significant rules used are as follows

Stock darts only (decreased risk of a stray round breaking a light bulb, etc.)
No singled blast bazookas, Titans, or anything of the ilk.
+Bows are also banned, but because of their length and the narrow corridors, you probably wouldn't wanna use them anyway, xbows are almost too long. In these arenas, range doesn't just take a back seat to RoF, it rides in the trunk. The raider was not available when we used them last, but I suspect they would be devastating here.


To alleviate the confusion regarding the date of the war, additional information is required.

The way this works is as follows;

Any evening for which some other organization has decided to rent out the facility is (generally) offered to me/the group. Any other organization is given first priority, as we are being given a reduced rate (for a handful of reasons, which do not need to be listed here). Typically, the wars are arranged by the owner calling me to notify me that a given Friday night is available, or I call and ask about a given Friday night. They tell me "yes," and I immediately post (in the past, it was on a Facebook group, but I'll be posting here as well, since these will be open to the NIC) as such, alerting the group. Everyone available then shows up at the designated facility (we have two available) and time with cash in hand. I collect, pay the manager o duty, and after signing waivers, we head off to start nerfing.

The biggest issue lies in our inability to know, with great foresight, that any given evening will be available more than about 7-10 days notice. So my inquiry is basically to see how many people are willing and able to attend a war, on a Friday night, on short notice, throughout the summer. Last summer our average attendance was 28.9 people/war, and average cost was $6/person.