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Firefly Problems

05 August 2005 - 10:12 AM

I just got my firefly yesterday, and I was proud to see that it looked and felt good, but when trying to get the gun apart, I encountered some glue on the top portion of the stock. This was countered easily with a pocket knife, but the revolver style cylender has been sealed shut by gluing the cylender onto the barrel by the restrictors inside the barrel. I can’t get a knife in, and I don't think I can pull them apart. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Ages Of Nerfers

01 March 2005 - 07:32 PM

I was wondering how old everybody is on this forum. It seems like a lot of people here areas young as 11, or seem to be acting like it. I was interested, because I alway thought I was a lot younger than everybody on this forum.

Maveric Rev-6 Mod

16 January 2005 - 07:26 PM

O.K., this will be my first mod, so suggestions will be appreciated.

First, take off all the screws to the gun, make sure to not strip them (I had some trouble not stripping the screws). Then, take out the revolver by pushing the yellow button and pulling the revolver out. Unscrew the parts holding the revolver together.
Posted Image
Pull the front part off of the revolver, but make sure you don't lose the spring. Then pull all the other springs and air restrictors out.
Posted Image
Take the rings off of the revolver. Dremel them so that the peg is gone.
Posted Image
Put the rings on the back part of the revolver, and put the revolver back together. Push the pole back in, and make sure that the spring is on the back part of the revolver. Screw everything back together and you’re done!

The average range is about 40 ft with whisteler mircos 5ft. flat from the ground. The shots are inconsistent too.

This gun isn’t the best yet, but I plan on posting some more mods up after I’m finished.

EDIT: Sorry for the big pics. cxwq, can you move this topic, I forgot to put this in the modifications section.

Pink Fbr

21 August 2004 - 11:02 PM

I just got the pink FBR yesterday and when I was trying it out I noticed that the FBR doesn't last that long and for me it fishtailed when i was using 2" darts with 1/4 steel shot ammo. It alsohad a lifespan of about 5 shots. After thinking about this for a while I concluded that:
1. I make crappy darts
2.the FBR is not that dense.
3. Its all in my head.

Thanks for you're time and i'll give you more information if you need any.