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Nerf Mega Centurion Mod

09 August 2013 - 03:27 PM


This is a mod for the Nerf Mega Centurion.
Posted Image

This guide will be showing you how to remove the air restrictor.

WARNING: This guide may be picture heavy for just an AR removal.

NOTE: This blaster is far easier to open if you haven't attached the front barrel. If you attached the barrel like I did when I purchased this blaster,
then I have included a sort explanation (with pictures, of course) on how to remove it at the end of this guide.

OTHER NOTE: This mod doesn't really seem to improve anything other than power. In fact, I think it might perform slightly worse now. It's less for practicality and more for proof that it can be done.

EDIT 1: I have discovered that cutting the orange tip at the base of the dart so there is a flat surface makes the mega darts fly in a straight path instead of flying all over the place. It seems to reduce the range of the blaster by a fairly large amount, but at least the darts go where you tell them. I'll be experimenting with using these darts as a platform for "mega" stefans.

To begin, remove all of the screws from the left side of the shell. There are no secret screws anywhere, so this should be rather straightforward.
It should look like this:
Posted Image

Lots of stuff in there, hm? It's not all that bad. NOTE: There are many locks and annoying things in the blaster that I had already removed prior to making this
guide, and I have no idea how to put them back in, nor do I want to figure out how.

First internal piece that I should tell you about is this:
Posted Image
DO NOT REMOVE THIS PIECE. This is part of the catch mechanism and the blaster will NOT function correctly if you remove it. I removed it at first thinking it was a lock and it is a royal pain in the ASS to put back.

On to the mod! To access the AR, you are going to remove the plunger tube. This can be done easily by removing the pulley/sled mechanism.
Posted Image
To remove the sled, remove the screws circled in white. The black circles are there for reference upon reassembling the blaster. DO NOT put screws there when reassembling the blaster, even though it looks like there is space for them. There are two screws on the left shell that fit there.

There is a screw attached to a spring that helps retract the plunger tube after firing. It looks like this:
Posted Image
Don't remove this quite yet. You can if you want, but I find it easier to remove it later.

After removing the sled from the blaster, the plunger tube should still be attached in some way to the sled. Slide the plunger tube forward and it will separate from the sled like this:
Posted Image

Now you can remove the screw I had just mentioned and the plunger tube will be yours to fiddle with! To remove the AR, simply remove these three screws:
Posted Image

The components will simply fall out like so:
Posted Image

To get the plunger tube back into the blaster, make sure the notch at the end of the plunger tube and the notch on the top of the previous picture are aligned and facing down towards the sled. I sadly do not have a picture of this, but it's not too hard to understand. Also, you can tell if the plunger tube is aligned correctly be looking at the back of it. If the semicircle of foam padding is on the left, then you've done it correctly. Side note: I haven't done so, but I would replace that foam as soon as possible. It's kinda flimsy and the adhesive started wearing off on mine pretty quickly.

Slide the plunger tube back into the sled, but before placing it in the shell, screw that spring back into the shell. It's actually quite difficult and frustrating to get that spring back into place if you wait. Make sure your priming handle is all the way forward before placing the sled and plunger tube in the shell, and make sure the gears connect. Next, place the other side of the shell back onto the blaster and you're good to go. if the shell is having difficulties closing, then make sure the priming handle is all the way forward, and then pull it back just a bit and the shell should close.

Well done! You've just modding the Centurion. Have fun out there and if you have any questions or suggestions for things that I didn't cover very well in this guide, then feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer quickly.

This next part is a guide on how to remove the front barrel and all of the involved locks.

First step: Open the blaster by removing all of the screws in the main unit and the front barrel. The blaster will NOT want to come apart at the point that the barrel attaches but pull on it with some force and it will separate.

Next, Remove these screws:
Posted Image

The next part is kind of annoying. Pry apart the front barrel. You don't need it to separate completely, just at the part that connects to the blaster. It won't want to come apart, but eventually you'll get it open.
Remove the screw here:
Posted Image
and here:
Posted Image

Remove the front barrel along with the muzzle of the blaster. These pieces should have fallen out:
Posted Image

Remove the ring-type thing and put the muzzle back into the blaster, but don't screw it back in.

Open the magazine guide/box and you'll find that the muzzle comes off when you do this. It's not a big deal to put it back, so don't panic.
There will be a piece that looks like this:
Posted Image
It will be screwed in, so just remove the screw and throw that piece away. Underneath this piece there is another piece that looks like this:
Posted Image
Remove it as well. There will be a second one on the other half of the main shell of the blaster, so remove that one as well. Put the magazine guide/box back together and make sure the muzzle sets into place correctly. Screw the muzzle into place and close the blaster. Again, if the shell is having a hard time closing, then slide the priming handle back a little bit and it should close. If you want, you can close the front barrel and reattach it to your blaster for aesthetic appeal, as it is now fully removable. It actually stays in place rather well, so you can keep it on during games if you wanted to, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Thanks for reading!

Buzzbee Big Blast Battle Rifle

26 January 2008 - 07:38 PM

Hey, what's up everyone, this mod is for how to turn your Buzzbee Big Blast into a very similar replica of the Battle Rifle from Halo 2 and Halo 3.

This is what we are working to make:
Posted Image

Ok, first things first, you need to mod your Big Blast. To do so, check out chefdave's mod.

The materials you will need are:
Posted Image
--1 dremel/cutting tool(circled in pink)
--1 hot glue gun(circled in green)
--Some glue sticks that fit your glue gun(circled in blue)
--About 5 feet of 1/2 inch pvc piping(circled in yellow)

The first part of the cosmetics we will be working to make is the thing on the top, pictured here:
Posted Image

To make this part, you will need:

--About 6 inches of 1/2 inch pvc piping
--2 1/2 inch 90 degree pvc elbows
--1 1/2 inch 45 degree pvc elbow
--1 1/2 inch pvc coupler
--2 3/4(I think) inch pvc reducer
--Hot glue

To make the strange coupler thing on the front end of the gun, take a 90 degree coupler and cut it in half so it looks like this:
Posted Image

Then put the parts together to look like this:
Posted Image

Ok, still with me? Yes? Good, let's move on to the stock. We will be making this stock:
Posted Image

To make the stock you will need:
--1 1/2 inch pvc coupler
--2 1/2 inch 90 degree pvc elbows
--1 1/2 inch 45 degree pvc elbow
--About 2-3 feet of pvc piping
--Hot glue

To make the stock go where the pump handle was, take the pump handle out of the gun, and take the screws out, then take the two half and pull them apart until the separate from the ring that attatches them to the pump. Then glue your 1/2 inch pvc coupler to the ring and fill the coupler with hot glue until it reaches the point where the pvc would make a good seal with the pvc piping. Then assemble the stock so it looks like this:
Posted Image

Now, put everything on the Big Blast so it looks like this:
Posted Image

Congratulations, you have now completed your very own Battle Rifle from the Halo series. If you are really into Halo, you could put the ammo counter and a real scope on there, but that's too far for me.

The Big Blast itself shoots about 90-100 feet with taggers, and 110-130 with CDTD's

Cool Thing That I Found

19 January 2008 - 07:06 PM

I was modding my titan today, and i found a really easy way to keep barrel stability. The longshot air restrictor system(the part that is inside the plunger tube) fits perfectly inside the titans unscrewable barrel. Just thought I would let everyone know.


03 June 2007 - 11:49 AM

I'm kinda new here, and everyone I know says that the razorbeast is insanely good. However, I han't seen any mods for it, why is that?

Any Experience?

20 May 2007 - 12:49 AM

I was looking on google when I noticed that there was a "nerf-blasting zurg" toy. I was wondering of there was anyone that has some sort of experience with it.

PS: I did search about it.