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Longshot Internal Shotgun Mod

17 July 2007 - 08:35 PM

I, as well as so many others, have loved Slug’s shotgun fore grip kit since they first came out. I'm sure just as many have found them to distract from the aesthetics of the gun, even though the most recent incarnation is small and unobtrusive. Telekinetic recently posted a concept part for an internal version of the grip. Having some power tools and no money to buy the grip, I set to bring the idea of an internal shotgun grip to reality.

First thing to do is to remove several parts of the Longshot shell. The first of which is the detail that runs under the gun and sticks out through the bipod legs when they’re folded, just like in CS’s mod. I reattached part of that for cosmetic reasons. The lower of the two rails running the length of the shell needs to be cut or shaved about 1/16 inch lower. It should be the same level as the top rail where it passes the bolt and clip. Additionally, any walls perpendicular to the rails need to be trimmed to the same height, up to and including the wall attached to the rearmost of the three sets of openings that show the barrel when the gun is closed. There are two walls on the right and three on the left that need this treatment.

With all that removed, its time to cut a slit in the shell from the center of the notch that locks the bipod back to the rear of the raised section of the detail mentioned earlier. Depending on the grip material that will be used, the mounts for the bipod need to be cut away as well.
Posted Image
Obviously the rails and bipod mounts are not pictured, but it is simple enough to figure out. I can take a picture if anyone really wants or needs one.

Once the shell has been cut, some of the internal mechanisms need to be trimmed as well. On the right side of the bolt sled is a V shaped extension in the middle and a small nub at the front. Both of these need to come out.
Posted Image

Unless a breach mod has been done that negates the use of the dart tooth, it is next on the chopping block. Once again, there is a protrusion on the right side which needs to be cut flush with the rest of the larger surface. About the same amount of material needs to be removed from the left side.
Posted Image

I used a length of aluminum C channel because that’s what I had, but almost any 1/16 inch thick strip of metal can be used. Start by cutting two pieces with the dimensions shown below, all in inches.
Posted Image

Fold a thin but sturdy piece of metal 2 inches by a bit over 4 inches in half and hammer the crease flat. Sandwich this piece crease up between the fronts of the two sides that were just cut. Line up the edges and drill a few holes through all three pieces and tightly screw or bolt them together.

Right behind the sandwich, bend the two sides out at a 45 degree angle. 5/8 inch further along the sides, bend them back in to run parallel again. Line the back of the left side up with the back of the bolt sled and drill holes through each of the metal sides to match the hole in the plastic. On the right side, cut a notch to match that on the bolt sled. Finally, bend out the two wings of metal at the front perpendicular to the sides, then gently curve them downward.
Posted Image

Put that aside to work on the grip itself. The grip is the most customizable part of the modification, so do with it what you will, but I made mine with a piece of two inch PVC. I cut a 1 1/2 inch strip out of a 4 3/4 inch long section of pipe. I cut one side to match the angle of the Longshot shell just in front of the clip opening.
Posted Image

At this point in the project, all of the pieces are ready to be put together. For the most part the internals go in the same way, the new cocking extension just needs to be weaved through everything.
Posted Image

With the main shell closed, the grip can be attached. To make sure the gun can be fully cocked once it is attached, this step needs to be done while cocked. Position the grip over the protruding metal wings and butt it against the shell. Drill holes through the grip and into the wings and screw or bolt them together. The stock cocking handle can e replaced by some form of rod for a sleeker look, but I kept the original in case I felt like cocking it that way for whatever reason.
Posted Image

This modification serves the same purpose as every other shotgun mod and really has no advantages other than retaining the clean look of the gun. Much credit goes to those who have created their own grips in the past, especially CS for making his kits readily available and telekinetic for giving me the inspiration to complete this project.

If for whatever reason anyone has trouble doing this for their self, feel free to pm me. Also, make sure that throughout the process you check and recheck the fit of the new parts and make any changes to keep the gun operating smoothly.