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11 December 2011 - 02:49 AM

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So, my friend and Ihave been wanting to host a war for a LONG time, and after talking it over weíve finally decided on it. SO here it is.

Contact us: BANO_nerf@yahoo.com

Location: Lincoln Elementary School, in Newark CA

Date:February 11th, 2011 from 11:00 to Whenever we get tired (most likely 4:00 ish)
ANY WAR ATTENDEES THAT ARE UNDER 13 NEED TO HAVE THEIR PARENTS WITH THEM FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST FEW ROUNDS OF THE WAR. Iím not a baby sitter, so parents, donít just drive past the park and ditch your kid there for a few hours. If you misbehave we can, and will kick you out of the war, and youíll have your parents come pick you up. We will take no responsibility for little kids.

Banned: Singled Titans, most Singled Super soakers, Singled drain blasters, plugged big blasts, etc. We reserve the right to spot ban any blaster for any reason. (PM me if youíre iffy about using a blaster) Tack darts, realistic blasters, douchey attitude. Use common sense.

What to bring:
EYE PROTECTION (We will have a few extras, but just bring your own)
Water! (There are a few water fountains, but for mid-battle you'd be best off with a water bottle, I'll have a bunch, $1 each)
Primary (Should also bring a back-up)
Secondary (^^^)
Darts/ammo (Donít expect to mooch off of us or anyone else there)
Cash for food, buying blasters, bus, etc.

Alt. ammo blaster (Missiles, balls, arrows, etc.)
Mobstacles (would be appreciated)
Blasters for trade/loan/etc.

Dart regulations:
CDTS, slugs, glue domes, etc. of any size: ALLOWED
Tack darts, exposed metal darts (Tiny bit of metal peeking out on the side of a slug OK), slingshot weighted darts, any darts with pointed weights (Screws, tacks, etc.) BANNED

HVZ (If we have enough people)
Protect the core (I will be supplying the 2 cores)
Pistol round
Awfuls/stock round
Tag team (teams of 2)

We may be doing prizes for round winners, or a raffle (Nothing major, probably just a NIB NF, or some wyes.) Only issue right now is food, the nearest places to eat are kinda far, and I donít want to have everyone lug their stuff all that way for lunch, so we might just order Pizza, have someone take orders, and go get the food, or have people bring their own lunch (I really donít wanna resort to that)


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Also, Iíd like to buy a few items at the war, PM or email me if you have them, and we can negotiate.

WTB/WTT:17/32Ē brass, PETG, Mad Hornet, pistol splat, 1.5Ē thinwall, Quadshot barrel spacer, E-putty, colored hot glue, good foam, Marshmallow X-bow, x-bow.

WTS/WTT (Pics upon request) :
My Friends stuff:
Minimized, couplered titan, needs tubing re-glued to the pump (Offer)
Expanded hornet tank $10 (Negotiable)
Silencers (lol): $5

My Stuff:
WYES!: $2 each.
(More to be added)

Questions; please post here, PM me, or use the E-mail provided above. Also, donít dump on my thread please, thank you.