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Cxwq Crosses Into The Realm Of Pop Culture

18 March 2005 - 12:20 AM

It's official. Cxwq is the new trendsetter for America's youth. Tonight, on the O.C., Fox's highly touted teen drama, Summer Roberts called her boyfriend an asshat. Congratulations Cxwq, your clever with will be repeated by millions of girls for years to come.

Hilarious Propaganda

09 August 2004 - 05:43 PM


This is a hilarious little movie about what the ACLU wants to avoid happening. While I disagree with the overall message and that the things which occur are on the horizon, it's funny nonetheless.

Postseason Baseball

04 October 2003 - 03:19 PM

Alright, Its the greatest time of the year sportswise. Who do you guys want to win?
I'm a Giants fan, myself and if they don't choke today, hopefully they'll survive.

California Recall

05 August 2003 - 05:39 PM

As most of you know, Gray Davis is facing a recall election, the first in California history. I can't vote, so I don't have many strong opinions. Lots of people are signing up to run: An 18-year-old, a porn king, a billboard queen and others. Some are saying its democracy at its best, others say it is democracy run amok. What does everyone here think?

Rip Chord

19 July 2003 - 12:43 AM

Yes, a classic crappy gun: The Rip Chord. Not many people have tried to mod it. I recently bought one cheap so I figured I'd ask around here before I go Dremeling on it. It seems to be pretty simple internals. The plunger ends in a small hole in the bottom. Has anyone done anything to it? What has your success been?