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'appy New Year

01 January 2007 - 01:59 AM

It's 2:00 am here in the Confederate States of America, but 'appy new year, you buncha' flunkies!

Artemis T-25 Cs-6 Longshot/mpl

27 December 2006 - 07:41 PM

So it's been months since I've officially released anything from the Armory. I've been working on several projects at once, which is a bad idea, but keeps me busy nonetheless! Anyway, gentlemen, Artemis Arms is proud to present to you...

The Artemis T-25 CS-6 with Mk. II Devastator MPL (Multi-purpose Launcher)

Posted Image

1. The Mark II Devastator MPL. Titan airtank and pump with new heavy duty plastic tubing to ensure no leaking. There is a 1/2" CPVC coupler epoxied to the threaded front of the airtank to accept barrels.

2. 7" 1/2" CPVC barrel nested into 1/2" PVC barrel. Insert into the MPL's coupler for shotgun/long range weapon. Capable of firing single mircos, megas, or 6 megas in shotgun fashion.

Posted Image

3. Nerf balls. Perhaps the most underrated of all ammo. I found that firing the standard Nerf ball from the MPL's stock barrel yields a most pleasant surprise.

4. Standard Titan rockets. I always wanted to take a Titan left in rocket launching configuration into a fire fight, but was too cumbersome. I have an excuse to field one now.

Posted Image

5. CS-6 stripper clip. I talked about these here. The fastest way to replenish Longshot magazines.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

6. A nice NC Star red dot tactical scope. Provides pinpoint accuracy with micros.




Long- 91.3 feet
Short- 83.4 feet
Average- 87.7 feet


Long- 91.4 feet
Short- 78.5 feet
Avg- 88.4 feet


Long: 179.4'
Short: 153.7'
Average: 163.2'

Long: 77.7'
Short: 63.1'
Average: 68.2'

Long: 240.4'
Short: 222.6'
Average: 237.9'

Long: 203.2'
Short: 187.8'
Average: 196.5'

Megas fired in shotgun form
Spread: 2' spread consistently
Range: Averaged out at a near constant 56'.

Posted Image
Intimidating, no? (And thanks to my dad for being the hand model)


The Longshot itself is nothing out of the ordinary. Has the standard spring replacement and air restrictor removal modifications that you would expect to see.

The MPL is a nifty addition to the Longshot. Not only does in provide a railgun/shotgun, but a fearsome rocket launcher. One of my cohorts told me that it was like have a "combat boot shot at me." It's attached to the CS-6 via black zip ties. The reasoning behind the zip ties is that I did not want to remove the bi-pod. If I wanted to take off the MPL, I'd just cut the zip ties. The MPL is very secure and does not move at all. The valve release rod has a small knob attached for easier firing. The MPL is fairly accurate once you get used to the system.

The MPL is angled slighty to compensate for it being mounted so low. This improves accuracy quite a bit. Yes, I will be painting the whole system very soon. Yes, I am aware that this looks like an M203 grenade launcher.

I usually do not like optics on my weapons, but I had this red dot that was borked, so I rewired it and stuck it on my CS-6. I zeroed it in as best I could and it turned out to be an excellent addition. Yes, it can handle the vibration of spring/air guns.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my system. It offeres me a stable multi-shot infatry weapon, a long range rifle, a close range shotgun, and an intimidating rocket launcher.

I hope you all enjoyed this Artemis Arms modification. And as always feel free to ask questions. Stay tuned for more Starbuck/Noid modifications.

Edit- Ranges added

Merry Christmas From...

24 December 2006 - 11:58 PM

Merry Christmas from Horvath:

Posted Image

Have a safe one, ya'll.

Notes From The Armory

19 December 2006 - 01:48 AM

Well it's been months since I've posted anything constructive, so I'll post some things I've noted while working in the ol' Armory.

The Longshot

The last gun I modded some three months ago. The front gun is useless in my opinion. I saw it to be a Scout with a new shell. It has no value to me so it's in parts bucket #12. The gun stock is an excellent weapon for indoor use. It's fairly accurate and has an excellent rate of fire.

I'm sure mods are out there for the Longshot already, I just haven't had time to sit down and look at them. It is a great idea to undertake the general modifications on this blaster. However, it is not an entry level mod, so inexperienced modders beware. A Dremel tool in invaluable when fiddling with one of these. Perform the usual air restrictior removal to start off with.

The spring in this blaster is so-so. It's big, but a tad on the weakside. I use on almost every mod, a new spring. The spring of choice at the Armory is Handyman Springs from Home Depot. They are the length of a first generation Nite Finder, but twice as thick. The spring will compress in most Nerf guns, but I will throw a word of caution to you. Reinforce the casing with some sort of metal. I use aluminum or brass. Really just anything to give added support.

A good idea is to install a nice sturdy rubberband from the front of the Longshot to the bolt. This will bring the bolt forward after cocking elminating you manually doing it after each shot. I installed a spring on the side to do this, but this is slightly more complex. Remember that everything time you want to put in a fresh magazine, you'll have to hold the bolt open otherwise it will shut with no magazine. I find the automatic bolt closing method to be a bit quicker in combat.

The magazines are very well made for a Nerf product. I find that I can load in seven micro rounds into the magazine. Most of you know that I am a champion of the larger caliber mega dart. I found that mega Stefans will fit in the clip and chamber in the weapon. Megas chamber nice and tight which is always a good thing. They most definitely hit harder than micros and I found little to no deviation in range between the mega and micro when fired from the Longshot. I find accuracy to be bit better due to the shorter, stouter build. This stabilizes the dart a bit better than that of the micro. The only drawback is that the magazine will only accomodate six megas due to their larger diameter.

The drawback to the Longshot itself is the magazines. You only receive two with the blaster. This can present a problem with reloading. I fixed this problem by fabricating stripper clips from cassette tape casings. You'll only want the side that the tape fits down into. Dremel out the bottom piece of plastic to allow the rounds to slide out:

Posted Image

The whole stripper clip should slide right down into the magazine, thus charging the spent magazine. Now put your finger on the top round and pull the stripper clip up out of the magazine. Six or seven rounds are now in the the replenished magazine. I will post pictures of the loading process in the morning to simplify things. The stripper clip retains the darts well, so no need to worry about rounds falling out. The stripper clip accomodates either micros or megas. I've made four of these to keep in pouches during battle. This is infintely faster than reloading the magazines round by round.

Streamline rounds are actually quite good. They've been in use around here for a good while with good effect. However, Stefan rounds are ultimately your best choice. This takes us to the next section, ammunition.


I have been handloading my ammunition for years. I was using the tried and true fish sinker as the weighting system in all of my rounds. However, fabricating rounds for the Longshot proved to be difficult. The standard sinker was too heavy and the round would drop while flying down range.

I remedied this by testing the optimum weighted round for the Longshot. The standard streamline is 14.6 grains on a gunpowder scale and is in excess of two inches. I experimented and found the optimum length to be 1.75 inches. The most effective weight is 13.6 grains. I have replaced the old fish sinker with shotgun pellets. A single pellet weighs in at .8 grains. A 1.75 inch piece of foam backer rod with five pellets give us 12.3 grains. The way I load the Longshot rounds is to take my foam backer rod and make an "X" shape insicion on the top end. I put five pellets in the incisions like so:

Posted Image

Place a nice dome of hot glue to seal the pellets in. Your end weight should be 13.6 plus or minus. Be sure when placing the pellets to make sure they are evenly spaced so the one side is not weighted more than the other because this obviously causes decreased accuracy and wobbly flight.

When handloading a mega round for the Longshot, the length should be 1.5 inches with five pellets. The weight still comes out to a nice 13.6.

The ranges from these darts fired from a Longshot are as follows:

Long- 91.3 feet
Short- 83.4 feet
Average- 87.7 feet

Long- 91.4 feet
Short- 78.5 feet
Avg- 88.4 feet

I find that these rounds I loaded specifically for the Longshot work well with other blasters, too. Therefore, I have made the switch to all of my rounds to the new weight system and make sure every dart is acceptable for combat in accuracy, stability, and hitting power. I suggest before you Nerf, to take about fifty rounds and test fire them. Make sure they are shooting where you want them to. You are bound to find unsatisfactory rounds in your batch. Take only the rounds that will best serve you.

Thus, gentlemen, I will preach consistency when handloading for your blasters. Take pride in your ammunition making. Experiment and see what you can come up with for your different blasters.

I have concluded that the Longshot is more than adequate for all major styles of combat. Once modified, it is pleasingly strong enough to cast rounds well past the 80 foot mark consistently. Some indoor players stray from the use of Stefans and will find that the stock Streamline will perform well. The volume of fire is nearly double that of a traditional muzzleloading Crossbow or BBB.

I hope you find this article useful. Thanks for reading.

Hello, Gentlemen.

16 December 2006 - 02:57 PM

Mods n' Admin... feel free to move this topic to wherever you feel it appropriate. I haven't been here in long I dunno what is up and what is down. The place has changed... not as dark and evil as I remember it last.

Hello, gentlemen. It's been quite a while. I believe it's been four or five months. The stresses of being a freshman college student has caught up to me. Nerf for the past five months have ground to a halt. However, I did manage to purchase a Longshot the first day it was released in my area and modded it out the wazoo. Perhaps pictures will come later this evening, depends on how Nerfy I feel. My life was derailed around early August with things I don't like to talk about and the following months had not been much better. I attempted to play football at a major divison school, but I decided to hold off and figure out my life before I tried that. Came back to school here in town and was swamped with this and that. Also had some bad family issues, not going to get off on to that, either. However, I did manage to increase my firearms collection two-fold. I have many WWII firearms now and just bought a Walther P-38 today. Ah, I love 9mms.

Artemis Arms is still in semi-existence. My partner, like myself, is a freshman in college and he as well struggles to make it. I believe I got all guns back to customers except for two, if my book records are correct (and they are). Gentlemen, if you will e-mail me at : chubsmartin at gmail dot com, I will get your guns back to you, plus a full refund and some compensation for me holding your weapons. No worries, they were not used, they were cleaned, and stored in a temperature controlled room. I wasn't trying to steal your guns or be dishonest in anyway, shape, or form. Life hit hard and I was thrown off track. I hope you will accept my most sincere apology for this brouhaha. To my customers that did receive their stuff before the calamity, I'm glad to hear you are most satisfied with my work.

About the future of Artemis Arms. I am going to quit the custom gun work. I will, however, be modifying standard handguns and rifles with customization options, but I will no longer accept personal guns to be modfied. It proved to be troublesome.

Now on to regular forum matters. Some questions... Is Piney still alive? Boltsniper, are you still on cranking out shenanigans I wish I could have? Are the regulars still here or have the noobs run us over? Any groundbreaking mods? New Admins/mods? Ah!! It's been too long! Someone update me!

Gentlemen, I apologize for my lack of communication, especially to my customers. I thank you for choosing Artemis Arms and hope you will enjoy future modifications brought to you by me.