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I Need Help Finding The Gun Of My Dreams

15 January 2004 - 03:05 AM

[FONT=Arial]A long time ago i was having a war with my brother in a huge store. i dont remember much details, but i do remember the gun i was using. it was one of those guns that use the yellow soft bullets. only this gun was an orange uzi with detachable clips. i think the clips held like 12 of these bullets. anyway, does anyone know where i can find one at all like this, or how i can build one? it was such a long time ago that i hope it wasn't just a beautiful dream or something. i have seriously lost sleep over this gun. please help me. :( Also, i heard that they dont make the yellow soft bullets anymore, i just wanted to know if the rumor was true. If anyone knows where i can find them, tell me so i can put my worries to rest. thanks. :D