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Co2 Poll

07 March 2004 - 03:14 AM

I do not think that guns with Co2 canisters should be allowed in any nerf war. I think that Co2 canisters are meant for bbguns and paintball guns and it should stay that way. Nerf guns are meant to be cocked or pumped or even air compressor filled not using Co2. Now that I am on my soapbox, is anybody with me?!? Please do not ruin real nerfing for what it is.

Sick Nades

11 February 2004 - 09:59 PM

hey, i just found out that making smoke grenades for nerf mite not be so mard after all. All of the other ideas that i have seen use flour or something like that and i was wondering if there was a better way. Well there isn't :lol: jkjk. they way that i found uses chemicals. So the ideas is that you mix 6 parts sugar and 4 farts potassium nitrate KNO3 (also known as saltpeter) in a pan untill it melts (you may have to use some water but don't use much) then when it is all melted you put it into a tennis ball with a small hole cut in it (so that you can get it in :lol: ) and then shub a piece of wazed string or other wick into it. when the stuff dries you can light the wick and it should make some thick white (or maybe grey) smoke.

Note: i do not think these chemicals are dangerous, my science teacher said that
they were not but i have not proven it as a fact, so be careful.

I also have never actually tested these nades (my mom said that it would make somebody call the police), but i think that the chemicals react with fire in a way that will make smoke.

if you test this design for real, please e-mail me ( flapjackfreak24@clanmckinlay.com ) and tell me if you get them to work


P.S. i think that you can get potassium nitrate at most chemical supply stores or over the internet.

Avatar Help

29 January 2004 - 06:40 PM

hey i was just wondering if and if so how you can use your own pictures for you avatar? if you know how to do this please help


28 January 2004 - 12:34 AM

i think that there might be a lot of wonderment about how to get a good scope so i just had an idea. I used an old pair of binoculars and took off one of the lenses. then i put it inside some pve (lucky that it was a perfect fit) and wala! you have a scope. Hope that solves some wonderment

New Gun

22 January 2004 - 10:32 PM

here is a gun that i found over at nerfhq (not that i think they have a better site than we have) it was not made by me but it uses a lot of great ideas. Here just thought that you might want to see it