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Big Bad Bow: Standard Mods + Easy Seal Improvements

18 May 2011 - 01:23 PM

There aren't a ton of ways to improve the seal on a BBB w/o a custom plunger head or wasting e-tape and getting the black adhesive all over the PT.

Give it up for Travis. My friend and I were having a mini mod party and we did the normal shit: single longshots, mess with shit and etc. But we fell onto a dirt cheap way to get a perfect or close to perfect seal on a BBB.

1/2" cpvc
1" OD pipe insulation, must fit cpvc loosely for the ID
1/2" cpvc coupling
Nitefinder O-ring or similar
2 appropriately sized metal washers
Tape (any will do)
CA glue

First off: The normal shit.

Assuming you did an AR removal and such previously, insert a 2.5" piece of 1/2" cpvc into the front barrel section of the BBB. At this point, get rid of the AR plate that you probably drilled/cut out before, because such a piece is no longer needed.

The cpvc should already be a tight fit, so no glueing is really required. Take a 1.2" piece of 1" pipe insulation (adjust size so it gets the full draw) and shove it in there. It will be a very tight fit, just like your mom. Make sure that it doesn't get caught on the cpvc and rip. No further dead space removals will be needed.

Now onto the PT. Take your entire plunger head assembly apart and add any springs if seeked. Plop on an appripriately sized steel washer under the plunger head and on top of it as well. Take the seal and flip the skirt outward and hold it for a minute. It should fold back, but with a larger diameter. Now stretch your Nitefinder o-ring into the skirt. This will prevent the plunger head from forming back to normal.

CA glue your coupler on, and the front should be done. Add any trigger springs if desired. Now take some tape, preferribly metal tape for it's adhesiveness, and wrap the back assembly in the previewed spots. Re-assemble and you should be raiping little boys at your next community war.

Now so you don't bitch, ranges are here:

Modded Streamlines:
Avg: 60'

Avg: 78'

Avg: Im not a bitch so I don't even use these:p

My camera is a bitch, so I'm sorry for no pics. I was bored and more people need to make writeups for the communities enjoyment.

Osama Is Dead

01 May 2011 - 10:03 PM

Obama is currently announcing Osama Bin Laden dead. :lol:

Lets have a party in the U.S. and inhale some solvent weld because we just won the war bitches!!!


Check it out on the MSN homepage guys. This is serious shit in the house for all of you in the U.S.