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Nerfing Music

13 February 2007 - 09:25 PM

Hello everybody. I'm sure its quite a surprise to see me posting here, I can't think of the last time I was on the boards. Anyways, I'm making a quick return to shamelessly plug my new radio show on WPRB in Princeton, NJ. Starting Feb. 22, I will have a show every Thursday morning (mind as well call it Wednesday night) from 2am to 4am EST. For those of you lucky (or unlucky) enough not to live in New Jersey, you can stream it through RealPlayer, iTunes, or Windows Media Player by following the link at www.wprb.com. In fact, I encourage you to tune in even if its not 2am on Thursdays, because the station's pretty sweet. You won't be hearing any top 40 music, most of the DJs here (myself included) are pretty snooty about playing more underground stuff. I'm going to be playing a lot of different kinds of music on my show, and you're definitely going to hear a lot of hip-hop and a fair share of experimental rock. Oh, and if you want to request a song or try to distract me you can IM 'wprbdj'. Thanks.

I Hate Topics Like This

29 June 2005 - 12:08 AM


just too funny.

Rayno Recap

18 April 2004 - 08:40 PM

well, it was fun. i'll start editing the video once i get the AC adapter and the software code from casey.

for everyone who wasn't there, a summary:
we had two complete newbies: Emily and Danny, Emily was completely unshootable and Danny (my youngest brother, 8) totally rocked everyone. overall it was a good turn out, at the highest point we had 11 people. i think we got in about 6-7 wars with Spoon, Matt and Jason and 2 before they showed. highlights: danny learned a few new words (some in german)**, Jason's gun kata proved somewhat helpful, Chapman power does pwn all, and spoon has a bruised urethra a la Raymond's x-bow.

please, feel free to let me know what i missed:

**footnote: jason yells Scheiße, and danny goes running after him with a paintball mask and a hot-glue covered 2k yelling "go eat your own Scheiße". little kids are hilarious.


29 March 2004 - 01:22 AM

So, i'm not really a big comics buff. I've read very few different titles, but the ones i read i get really into. Now, up until last week i was rejecting to read the hellboy comics my friend asked me to read because of the name: Hellboy. just sounds lame. but i've never learned better not to judge a book by its cover. Hellboy is the best comic i have ever read in my life, Mike Mignola is a genious, his story line is awesome, his art definately above par. I'd really reccomend reading the comics, the first graphic novel is called "seed of destruction", that's a great place to start. Hellboy really stands out from other comics on a literary and graphic level, his art isn't lame standard kerpows, or overly simplistic, or overly animated (i.e. steriotypical anime, manga etc.); his stories are often based on folk lore from all over central europe, scandinavia, russia, even africa in the last miniseries. Two of his graphic novels are entirely composed of short stories. If you like killing nazis, zombies, homunculi, napoleonic soldiers, the baba yaga, demons, or hecate, you'll definately get a kick out of hellboy.

Anyway, i don't know too much about the upcoming movie, i'm hoping it will be good and i heard they worked closely with mignola, and ron pearlman is the only person who could pull off the character, but who knows, it might suck. regardless of the movie, i definately encourage all of you, comic buffs or not, to check out hellboy, it's fucking amazing.

i'm definately up for a big hellboy discussion if anyone's already read 'em.

edit:if you're going to go out and by hellboy stuff, get the graphic novels, start with seed of destruction. don't get the regular novels or anything that says "weird tales" on it, that stuff isn't all Mignola and a lot of it sucks. also, if anyone wants to chit-chat about Scud: The Disposable Assassin, i absolutely love that comic too.

Coachella 2004

14 February 2004 - 03:07 PM

well, i helped myself to saturday tickets for this years Coachella music festival for my birthday. tickets went on sale a few minutes ago, it's May 1st and 2nd. I guess i was just wondering if anyone else here was going, it's a pretty big thing i figured at least some of the SoCal guys would be in attendance. among the bands playing are radiohead, the pixies, the cure, kraftwork, air, belle and sebastian, the flaming lips, death cab for cutie, heiroglyphics, bright eyes, the rapture...etc. 5 stages, 70 bands/djs 2 days. i'd look into it if i were you.