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New Darts

29 December 2003 - 06:09 PM

There was a topic in this foum once with something about stefans. They had mentioned something about marker caps. A long time ago before i had even heard of this site i had modded my ss2. I read something about people using crayola markers as barrels to shoot micros.So i took a crayole marker and hollowed it out and everything. Then i thought about making theses into darts. I took the end with the cap, wrapped electrical tape around it and shoved it down the barrel. Pumped up my gun. PPPPOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It sounded like a rifle. So i shoot At cardboard and shot holes right through it.
Just recently I took A marker cap from my markers that didnt work anymore. I thought hey i dont have to cut anything. So I wrapped electrical tape around the tip. I put it down the barrel of my homemade. I shot it down the road to see how far it would shoot. It went out the barrel and started fish tailing any spinning like crazy. I was like fuck. So i took my old larami darts that had the tips ripped off, and shoved in the end of the marker cap. I shot it again and it went straight and way farther that a stock dart. I pulled out some old whistling darts and looked them over and noticed that they all had cuts down th esides. So i took the tips of cleaned all the glue and foam off. I took off the tape from the tip off and stuck the whistling tip on and replaced the tape. I shoot it and it whistled just like i wanted it to. I thought well all the other nerfers put weights in the tips of their darts so why dont I. So i again took of the tape and the whistling tip, and hot glued a couple bb's into the tip and put a little hot glue over top so it wouldnt hurt as much. I replaced everthing and shoot it again. It went even further. Awesome.
I was thinking well you cant just buy whistling tips in bulk. Instead i thought about using a small piece of FBR over the hot glue otherwise this thing would hurt too much. I havent tried this yet because there is no store near me that sells FBR not even Canadian Tire or Home Hardware.

What do you guys think?

Vinyl Tubing

27 December 2003 - 12:35 AM

How much pressure can winyl tubing withstand? Because that is what i want to use to connect my airtank to my zero valveand from the zero valve to the barrel.

Any help Would Be Very Much Appreciated

Zero Valves

26 December 2003 - 02:54 PM

How much air does a zero valve give of approximately when trigger is pressed?

Rifling Barrel Idea

25 December 2003 - 07:42 PM

Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to rifle a barrel couldnt you just get a fan from a computer and cut it down to fit into a pipe rip off the motor and glue the fand part to the inside of the barrel to create a vortex.
I believe that when the air passed this it would start spinning and spint the dart with it when it shoots out.

What do you guys think of this idea?

Fully Auto Nerf Gun

24 December 2003 - 03:33 PM

I figured out some plans to make a full auto gun that ejects shells.