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In Topic: Longshot Question

14 September 2009 - 11:17 PM

You might need to add a catch spring.

I can't remember which of the two the 49 is.

If you put it in, and you can still prime it with one hand, no, it doesn't.

If it is the other, you won't be able to prime it with only one hand and still have it hit the catch plate.

So no on the first, yes on the second.

In Topic: Electronics Guide

11 September 2009 - 11:59 PM

Wait, if V=i*r, what happens if r=0?

Does i represent how many amps can pass, or how many are absorbed.

Things get hot, melt, and burn. As a general rule, as temperature increases, resistance increases.

Diodes are more difficult.

The best way to picture them is like a ~10 ohm resistor, and a 1.5 volt battery facing the opposite way of the battery.

I could bore just about anyone with the gruesome details of Diodes. (LEDs) Or FETs. or MOSs.

PS: Current cannot be absorbed.(Conservation. It can be temporally stored in inductors, but that isn't the point.)
Think of it as a measure of water movement in a pipe, where voltage is like having a motor to help push it.

In Topic: Modifying A Longshot?

24 July 2009 - 05:16 PM


I'm hoping to get another Longshot soon, and I have 2 questions about the bolt.

1 - What is the absolute best way to get the peg out of the gun without breaking that center bar that holds the dart? I'm thinking of seperating the orange part of the bolt and the black part that is inside of the plunger tube, but when I did that with my last Longshot, it shattered the black piece and fucked up my plunger. Is this the best way or should I try something else?

2 - Should I seal up that hole in the bolt?

And then, should I try putting a small strip of e-tape under the 2 o-rings on my plunger head to extend them out and increase the seal?


1. Based on the color, looks like a new gen. I have only handled one of these, but I went to drill out the back of it, and the black part separated from the orange bolt. That made it real easy to cut the peg down.
Make sure you don't destroy that piece with the "center bar" because it provides a good attachment area to put the bolt back together.

2. If you are talking about the abou 1/32nd inch wide hole in the top, yes.

In Topic: Community-wide Mod Contest

13 July 2009 - 08:03 PM

I've been working on mine for a bit now, but it is going to be tight for getting it done without trashing it.

*crosses fingers, picks knife back up*

In Topic: If You Mod A Tek 10

14 June 2009 - 03:43 PM

That had to be alot of money in brass!

Yeah, like $10 in brass plus a spring, cable and cable couplers, buckets of hot glue, and about 2 weeks of trial and error.

However, this was a commission job for a co-worker and the two cases of Guinness MORE that made up for it :D ...and helped get through it.

Also, the guy who commissioned this got fired before I finished.

As a completely tasteless joke:

If I were running a company, and one of my employees commissioned work on one of these, I'd fire him too!

(Just a joke,obviously is isn't good someone lost a job)