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In Topic: Terra nova props = NERF

16 January 2012 - 09:12 PM

just to let you know this was discovered a LONG time ago :My thread

Well I am actually glad someone else spotted it, like I said I'm not claiming any sort of credit. I'm sorry I don't really check into other nerf community forums (I'm admittedly biased toward nerf haven) so I had no way of knowing you commented on it first over there, but it doesn't surprise me, and those are some good pics of nerf guns props in various shows!

In my casual lurking on this forum I hadn't noticed it pop up as a topic so I figured I'd start one. Making replica props isn't something I do, but I do like seeing what the other creative minds on here can do. See the Modification and Paintjob Pictures thread I started a few years back that seems to be just a wee bit popular.

That being said any of you out there get around to making a copy of the prop guns from Terranova put it up in the mod and paintjob thread, I'd love to see how it turns out!

In Topic: N-strike Spectre Rev-5

04 June 2010 - 08:49 AM

Hmm like a mav but with one less shot, inverse plunger and cocking mechanism like the recon and another faux barrel. Looks like the mounting for the stock is the same as the Recon, but the folding stock is off center. This makes adding a power tube to the stock perhaps more difficult.

Yeah I'll stick with the Mav for now. I'm guessing the price tag on this with be significantly higher than a Mav, because of the accessories that won't really add to the performance. Cute but not really adding anything performance wise.

In Topic: Longstrikes On Sale

05 March 2010 - 06:15 AM

It's because we have a code of conduct, and partly because we expect people to take the time to learn the rules and read. If you are new, spend a good few weeks reading some of the back logs of posts and learn the ground rules.

There isn't a bias against people who are new to the site and hobby (i.e. newbies) if they pay attention to what the CoC says. What we don't like is immature, and ignorant despite being given a heads up in writing (i.e. newbs).

Yes Talio is a bit of a Pitbull, but that's what he's here for. Rumor has it though, if you do what your supposed to and play nice he can be all nice and cuddly, just like a puppy, honest!

In Topic: Nerf Marauder Longsword Reinforcement

18 February 2010 - 10:25 AM

I worked extensively with carbon fiber both as tubing and as sheets. When it cracks/breaks/fails, it becomes razor sharp. If however (as mentioned by ... dang it doesn't scroll up enough for me to quote someone) it's wrapped in something else it would be far less likely to fail catastrophically ("gee, I'm sorry it took your arm off, it was wrapped in foam..."). Although wrapping it up extensively would offset any lightweight advantages, so you'd have to design with some degree of fail-safe and still maintaining a level of fun (what, the 20 pound foam sword isn't heavy enough?).

I digress though, good job on reinforcement. Next we'll have classes on spinning the sword so violently so as to block all incoming foam. Muhahaha, wouldn't that be an awesome sight (or not)?

I to have worked with carbon tubing of the type I posted in my link, and when it has cracked it has never become "razor sharp". Rather I've seen it look more like a pulverized fiberious vine. So I don't know what you are talking about. This is not epoxy coated carbon fiber, which might be what you are used to working with.
Wrapping it in a layer or two of electrical tape or inserting it into some PEX tubing will hardly add weight at all, we're talking a few ounces here. The another reason I used PEX tubing on my particual project was to allow it to fit in the sword without rattling around so much, as well as to increase safety.

The main reason I have advocated for use of Carbon fiber tubing is the fact that it is far more durable than wood, lighter weight metal, and far less dangerous than either if it breaks. I'm just waiting for Cheez's sword to be thrust into someone hard enough to cause the wood to splinter, break sharp poke through the foam and gouge someone's eyes out. Let's face it is's a toy sword, people, especially teens (cause I know I would have back inthe day) are going to hit harder with it than they should.

In Topic: Nerf Marauder Longsword Reinforcement

13 February 2010 - 04:52 AM

Yea, I've had to switch to cheap wood for cost reasons anyways, the steel rod was WAY to expensive. Another contributing factor was that my parents wouldn't allow me to buy the steel anyways. Will get pics in about 5 minutes.

need to find my camera cable....

Sigh, you tell people how to do something properly and detail the right materials for the job and they don't listen.

Wood is just as bad an idea as steel rod. Where steel rod has strenght and durability, it also is inflexable and will probably tear right through your foam when you start thrusting with it. With wood (cheap wood at that) you run a differnt risk, namely that the wood will crack, or snap, tear through your foam and puncture someone's skin. I hope you at least wrapped it in duct tape or electical tape to provide some sort of sheathing to keep your dowel in one piece if it does snap.

The reason I reccomend carbon fiber tubing is because it is not only light and strong, but it won't snap and splinter dangerously especially if you sheath it in another material.