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In Topic: Hell Before Halloween. #2

27 October 2008 - 05:20 PM

Easy there pumpkin - I was not my intent to come off as a jerk...I'm just pissed. The gun was leakey from the rear firing pin. The spray of lube fixed the rear o-ring and it was all sealed up again. The problem with the gun after further inspection was the front pin that pulls the valve back. It was not the action of pumping that blew the gun but the trigger pulled the pin and the top portion snapped. Ask me how...I have no idea.

And You never said a thing to me afterwards. I was there for about 20min after my gun broke...

In Topic: Hell Before Halloween. #2

26 October 2008 - 10:55 PM

Great war mike. I had fun as I do every year. Although keynote for any future references. Stay clear of premature fucks that don't know what there doing. 6 years I had that 5k...and its done with the touch of a pube-less dick...yea, I'm pissed.

On the plus side I now have a year to make a doomsayer...yea or something like that. Expect a pm duffy.

In Topic: Hell Before Halloween. #2

06 October 2008 - 02:24 PM

I come onto the forum only once a year for two things only...
To see if this place has finally been taken over by machines ran by monkeys ran by pirates ran by ninjas (no DBF Pun Intended) All Ran By Duffy...

And for the Hell war Mike has now made his yearly ritual. Thank you for that.

I'm sitting in my basement watching t.v and a commercial for a new nerf gun that now makes you coffee and does your laundry comes onto the tube. Mike you called me about a week ago to check on things and what not. Count me and my girlfriend in on this one.

I'll be sticking true to my roots rocking the bolt 5k and my lady will run with my 3B and a spray of inaccurate darts named the Rf20.

I do have a couple favors to ask of yea Mike.
Can I borrow a pistol or two for the war. I'm fine for normal play but for sidearms only.
I haven't made darts in years and from what I remember all I could get my hands on was the joy of grey FBR...how about some red for me and my girl?
And mike i'll make it worth your while...box of say; peach, on me? well shall have a good time after.

Count me in on the 25th. I got my civic up and running. I live in Woodbridge (Hwy 427 and Hwy 7) so if anyone lives around here and is ride-less feel free to impose, its no hassle.

Lets See If We Can Freeze Hell Over On This One...

Ps: Duffy if you need anything (flags - marking tape - water - ect.) Feel free to let me know i'll stop by a wally world or crappy tire on the way up and pick some stuff up.

I also have a HUGE inflatable paintball bunker that I would be more then happy to bring... it could make a sweet home base?

In Topic: Carbon Fiber Barrels Anyone?

13 February 2008 - 07:32 PM

Well only on the V1 Stiffi's (What I believe your implying, unless it's the winds which your are allowed to use swabs)

The V2 and V3 are coated with a new type of spray that allows you to use the swabs. FBR would'nt be a problem unless it was Raw carbon inside the tube where it could pull a thread lose and render the barrel useless. I would do some research before anyone goes down this route.

In Topic: Seven Of Nine

06 February 2008 - 04:13 PM

Would you see a problem if you were to use brass instead of the PETG?