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Shooting Small Bore Ballistic Balls

09 May 2014 - 06:07 PM

So I got 2 dozen of Draconis's Small Bore Ballistic Balls and naturally I want to shoot them at my friends. I spent a little time walking around Lowes dropping one of the balls through any and every tube I could find.

What I found was that the best fit around was a 1-1/2 galvanized steel pipe that weighed about 5lbs. Obviously this won't do for a war ready blaster.

The next best fit (which is still really good) was in one of these nifty drain extenders.

Posted Image

They come in a bunch of different sizes and configurations but this is the one I got.

Posted Image

Now that I have a barrel material I have to find something for it to nest in to get it to a common PVC size.

More searching revealed that this tube fits well inside THINWALL 1-1/4. My Lowes carries thin wall PVC in many sizes so this wasn't a problem.

So I brought it home and cut it roughly in half. Because I don't have something like a COBRA that can put out enough air to fire one of these balls out of a 12inch barrel.

Posted Image

Nest that in some 1-1/4 PVC. Needed only a single layer of tape to fit perfect.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Now to get from the 1/2 inch coupler standard on the front of my blasters to the 1-1/4 of that barrel

Posted Image

APPARENTLY My Lowes was out of 1-1/4 to 1/2inch bushings that most people would have used so I had to take an extra step. So I went 1/2 to 3/4 bushing then 3/4 to 1-1/4 bushing. Then all that into a 1-1/4 coupler.

Posted Image

Then added a bit of 1/2 PVC to get back to the coupler in the blaster.

Posted Image

Heres the entire assembly in my BBBB (stock pump and oprv)

Posted Image

And you're done.

Ranges? Dont really matter as this is more of a writeup for the barrel. But....

What I found is both ball size and tube diameter vary SLIGHTLY. So ranges are rather varied as well. With my BBBB I could get anywhere from 35-55ft.

But that's all I really wanted. I just want something to shoot them relatively well and I got it with this setup. However you could do better as I have a relatively large amount of dead space for a singled-style barrel and the RELATIVELY small amount of air in a stock BBBB. I hope to make some sort of multi round barrel assembly in the future, perhaps a Hopper or RSCB will add to this thread if/when I do.

Hope this helps anyone who was thinking of buying these balls but didn't have anything to fire them with. I know this was really simplistic and easy but I only thought it right to go along with the effort to make the site a little more newb friendly.

PS: TO any of the big war hosts out there would you allow something like a cobra or titan tank if it fired these balls in a similar configuration?