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Happy Birthday to me?

09 May 2011 - 02:38 PM

So, as none of you will know, today is my birthday. And my uncle knew that I love Nerf, so he somehow managed to find a very very good condition Sharpshooter I for me as my present. It looks AMAZING for being 20 years old. I'm not quite sure of the modding potential, or if I have the cajones to even deface this beauty, but it's a pretty cool gift nonetheless.

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Foam Fest 2011!

03 May 2011 - 03:58 AM

Saturday, June 18 · 2:00pm - 10:00pm

Sam Peden Community Park
3037 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN

This isn't an NIC war, but is nonetheless a Nerf war. It's also going to have round one of the club's HvZ, as well as a foam sword Medieval war.
There's also an awesome 5v5 tourney but you have to register teams in advance. I think the NIC should build a team for the war.

If you want to RSVP, do so on the official Facebook event, at http://www.facebook....157497280980533

Thanks, and hope to see you guys there!

EDIT: Before you ask, yes. Modified blasters are allowed.

Louisville Metro Nerf War!

28 November 2010 - 04:30 PM

Attention all Midwest Nerfers!

I'm new to the community, but I'm not new to Nerf wars!
And so, with that, I have some exciting news!
Well, it's exciting to me anyway.


Further details are being worked out, as we have 3 locations we are still deciding on.
But I can say it will be in either February or March 2011, and will be in the Louisville, KY area. I live across the bridge in Indiana, but that's not a factor that matters.

So yeah! More details will be posted as they become available, but I'm really looking forward to hosting my first NIC war!


- Dangerous blasters are banned. No exceptions.
(These include singled Titans, homemade airguns at the host's discretion, guns with sharp points, etc.)

- Point-blanking is discouraged. I highly encourage barrel tapping.
I won't throw you out unless it becomes a problem.
As always, fire a dart after a successful tap.

- Dress for any weather.
The Ohio Valley region has fluctuating temperatures and climates on a daily basis.
I suggest dressing in layers, so you can stay dry and/or comfortable.

- Bring your own blasters and darts.
I have plenty of both myself, but I recommend you don't rely on them being available.
Bring your own guns if you want to enjoy your experience.

- Don't complain.
None of us like babies. If you got shot and you feel it was unfair, just keep it to yourself.
We all want to have a good time. Please keep complaints to serious issues.

- What can't I bring?
You cannot bring solid black guns, airsoft guns, or paintball guns.
I don't want to see you dressed in military-esque clothing. Wherever we are, we don't need to get a life ban.
Tactic-cool Vest by Nerf is allowed on the condition that you wear a bright orange armband to symbolize harmlessness.

- What are the gametypes?
Good question. The gametypes I am used to are as follows:
(forgive the weird naming scheme, its what I'm used to)

-Deathmatch (Every man for himself)
-Team Deathmatch (Two large teams)
-Survival (Deathmatch with respawn and set amount of 'lives')
-Invasion (Zombie gametype. 1/4 of total group start as zombies with melee weapons)
-Squadrons (Small groups of 4-5 each, depending on total group size)
-Capture the Flag (Self-explanatory, a few unique rules to be clarified on gameday)
-Storm the Castle (Team match, except one team defends a 'castle' with 3 'treasures'. very strategic.)
-Lockdown (Pistols round, CQB)
-Clashing Steel (Melee round, CQB)
-Sharpshooters (Long ranged weapons FTW)

I'm open to any and all suggestions.
PM me or post a comment if you have any!