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In Topic: nitemaverick help

31 May 2018 - 04:44 PM

Without shell cutting? Doubtful. Would have to take a lot of internal ribbing out of the shell and construct a new catching system in the shell. 

In Topic: Orange mod works Longshot kit failure

31 May 2018 - 04:43 PM

I'm guessing you didn't remove the air restrictor, so you should definitely do that. Also should relube if you haven't already.

Guide here: http://modworks.blog...-mod-guide.html


AR removed LSes should top out at ~100fps.

In Topic: A bunch of Hardly Ideal Titan rockets

26 May 2018 - 11:18 AM

Any reason why you didn't just use stock pipe insulation around PVC pipe instead of the titan barrel? 

Also, how much do they weight? IIRC similar models used HUGE weights for stabilization. 


You don't really seem them used all that much anymore, but large ammo based on pipe insulation was a thing. Glad to see you're bringing it back.

In Topic: Canted OFC cage??

21 April 2018 - 02:47 PM


Toruk would probably disagree that the DRS cage is the premier accuracy cage. DRS changes too many variables to give any idea as to what matters and what doesn't in a cage, but general theory is that cant isn't beneficial and DRS gets good results with the other variables involved. Other things DRS cages have that are believed to improve accuracy are a tightbore dart feed guide, concave wheels with good balance and tolerance to the cage, a stiff cage, and general precision all around.


Toruk is also probably a tad miffed that you're using his name/data on this website, lmao.


Foamblast's testing with the Heston Cage seems to suggest that with near-identical dimensions and characteristics (tightbore barrel, concave & balanced wheels, acceptable tolerances) in a non-canted setup, accuracy is indeed compromised. It wasn't super scientific, but a lot of my contemporaries swear by the DRS cages and their canting. The advantages still are not enough to justify the obscene price tag, for me at least.



Im actually running a morpheus cage with the guide. I wasn't able to open the files all the way but its good to know that someone's working on it.


You should be able to download them as .STLs and print them that way. Alternatively, ask any of the OFP sellers to print for you.

In Topic: Canted OFC cage??

20 April 2018 - 08:48 AM

OFP/NerfGeek has been experimenting with canted cages (as of our personal correspondence). I don't think that results are conclusive and the cages are meant to be used near-exclusively with his "Morpheus" barrel guide. 

Files avaliable here, with varying levels of crush: https://drive.google...zGD6FvLcVoKumwr


Morpheus is avaliable through several resellers: Out Of Darts, LibertyFoam/FoamFreaks, and Jb3dIndustries all come to mind. All of those sellers should be able to print those files for a custom order as well. 


From my limited knowledge within the flywheel sphere, there A.) isn't enough data to show that canting affects accuracy and B.) there aren't enough high-quality cages avaliable to test on. IMO requiring Morpheus is a tad annoying (additional cost), but the barrel is really nice and prevents fishtailing.