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The Ultimate Site For Homemades!

22 July 2004 - 09:32 PM


Well, ultimate if you have a gift for CAD and way, way too much money.

Wot Content Management System Are Ye Using For Nh?

26 November 2003 - 04:58 PM

I've been setting up an unrelated site using PostNuke but I'm not terribly pleased with some of the features in it.. What CDS/CMS are you using for NerfHaven, Fhqwhgads?

Holy Crap! Stefan's Back!

21 October 2003 - 04:44 PM

Well.. Interesting story..
I'm searching around one day for a tutorial on some programming shit of little interest to you.. I end up at a site called 'pixelated.net' or something. This reminds of pixielated.org, the last known location of "Nerf Reviewed!" I then remember Eric Stryker and his flagrant faggotry across the nerf net community and thought I'd see if his site moved..

Lo and behold, the name Eric Stryker belongs to a gay porn star.

But there *IS* one link on google to nerfhaven.com.. I figure "another halfassed nerf site?".. And yet I click.. And I'm greeted with the most thriving nerf community I've ever seen. That's just awesome to see.
And I see "stefan darts" have maintained their old name. I take it that means nobody's found a better material for 'em? That sucks, I could never get them straight enough to be accurate at high range.

So I figured I'd pop by and say hi to those who remember me. I saw Spoon and Vacc and Famine and Ash on the member list.. What'd I miss?
I still miss the old listserv at times.. Like when "the rev" was signed up and that poor priest's email was flooded with our "disgusting filth". And how half of us are going to hell for yelling more shit at him (then again, if you read the fucking welcome message you can also unsubscribe yourself).. Or the time Adam finally posted his pic and we all finally KNEW that he was a mafia goon.. Or the time I shipped out a batch of darts to Spoon and the horsemen after I sprinkled lye on them...

Man I'm getting all misty and shit now.
I plan to lurk around the forums for a while, and pay very close attention to the mods/DIY forums.

Good to see you guys are still around; look forward to hearing something from you.