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The UTorrent (Rear loading, CPVC, Spring addition Torrent)

24 January 2012 - 11:20 PM

Now that Megauploads down a few people may actually get the pun with the name.

But onto the mod.

This is a Buzz Bee Torrent, they can be found at Target for $14.98. At first they get 25'-30'. Mine had a messed up seal so I decided to fix it up TO THE MAX. I will be doing Jerms mod for CPVC barrels, only I will take out the black piece in the back, as well as make them rear loading capable. I will also add a spring that I'm almost positive was from a Home Depot spring pack, but is very similar to a Longshot Frontgun spring I got in a trade not too long ago.

Posted Image

Start with the gun. Picture belongs to Target.com, I have it here to show proof it's still an available gun.

You can take off the green part if you would like, this steps optional and there is a few screws in the back of it.

Open up your gun, for once a gun with a reasonable amount of screws. You may have to apply a little force and it will have to make a snapping noise, but don't worry, it's just put together really well.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Now look at this part.

See the hole?
In there is a tiny screw.
You have to slide the black bar back a bit with your thumb but it's easy to get to.
Posted Image

Unscrew that and keep track of it. It's slightly shorter than the other screws, I doubt it'd cause much trouble to use a different screw in the wrong place, but let's keep it in case.

After removing that screw the whole turret just lifts out, grab it from the turret, though that goes without saying.
Posted Image
Now that that's out, you can carefully remove the Plunger Tube.

Posted Image

Here I took out the spring, and put in a thin Home Depot spring and a Maverick spring, but most other springs would work. These worked nicely though.
The stock spring is brown ish, much like a Double shot. My springs;
I also replaced the stock O-ring with a NiteFinder O-ring. It surprisingly gave it a perfect seal, as in, if I have one hand on the opening of it, I can't push the rod farther in or out it at all.
Posted Image

Duct tape tape the head.

Posted Image

Keep wrapping.

Posted Image
Now we're going to want to make the seal larger. We'll use craft foam and to cover a large enough portion of the "shell' so that it's larger than a Stefan. When I say enough to cover the shell, I mean the orange shell, not the gun itself's shell.

Posted Image

As you can see, after I did that I drilled down it to increase the airflow.

Posted Image

After that, we'll wrap a layer of craft foam around it, and then cover it in duct tape, I chose to use red duct tape here.

That's it for the seal. Now to do the part for the shells.

Posted Image

Drill these out with a 9/16th drill bit.

There we go. All that's left in the shells is the lame black part.
To get closer, let's cut along here, I drew a red line.

Posted Image

Right towards the middle.

Posted Image

Sand it out, which for the black piece if you want to be lazy I guess you could wait to put some cpvc in it, as it would just need to be sanded a bit and wouldn't spin around while sanding. Also you could always pry it out with tweezers.

Posted Image

Slap some cpvc in, around 1.5". It should slide in with a little force but not be loose.

Now you have 1.5" barrels, they could be longer if you'd like that, but that seems good enough for me.
Now to work on the turret itself.

In the back part of the turret, there is a white piece with a screw in it. This ejects the shells. DESTROY IT.... Or, you know, just unscrew and move it.
Posted Image

The new Plunger Tube head wont fit in the back of the shell, so let's dremal/sand it a little larger. Note, this doesn't have to be an exact cut at all, nor do any other cuts for this mod.

Posted Image

Make the top cut for the PT larger.

I also marked and cut where the shells would go on the bottom and sides, and sanded them a little so that the darts could rear load into the shells..

Posted Image

Put everything back together, don't forget the little tiny screw, and your gun should look like this (with the shell half off)

Posted Image

And the finished product;

Posted Image

Ranges? 40'+ easily with HD slugs.
52-54' Pink foam slugs

Questions? Comments? Tips?

Make Magazine.

06 January 2012 - 11:46 PM

I'm sure most of you have heard of Kipkaye by now at some point, or any of the Make Magazine stuff on youtube. Recently they made a magazine with this page.
Posted Image
The "better nerf gun". I got this image off of their video. It almost looks like Carbons original Snap.


06 August 2011 - 05:59 PM

Today was a really fun war. I loved objective. Thanks for a good war guys!