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05 March 2010 - 02:32 PM

Nothing's impossible. :) The worth of any effort can only be determined by the person exerting it, ultimately. I, for one, am very interested. Clip system guns are what got me back into Nerf. My last Nerf gun before the N-strike lineup was a Light Storm 2, and I bought that one solely because of its clip-loading (not to mention the glow-in-the-dark darts were a blast back in our college-house days).

Drum mags are awesome for capacity, but they are often the less desirable option for me, as they are 1) all but impossible to find at anything close to a reasonable price to without buying a complete Raider, and 2) much bigger than I want to put on some of my guns where I only want a standard or double-clip. I'm also more of a form over function type of person, since we mostly Nerf around the house and yard. We buy most of our guns for looks and the fun of getting to reload the clips in a more realistic manner, since we're not going more than 20 feet before we hit a wall anyway. I don't necessarily want big drums hanging off everything. Even in standard stock clips, I'd love not having the first dart in the mag keep getting deformed, since I'm using Streamlines.

Looking forward to seeing your trials and progress, OP.