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Buzzbee Ultimate Missle Blast Mod

26 September 2010 - 07:05 PM

So I was at wal-mart looking around and I found this gun called a buzzbee ultamate missle blast. it was cool so I got it and modded it. so you need are : hot glue gun , glue sticks , a cpvc coupler , 1 1/2 inch of 17/32 brass , metal wire , super glue and electrical tape.

Ok so unscrew the gun [OPTIONAL] super glue the tank to the pump if you want to follow the mod all the way through.

Cut the barrel off but LEAVE A STUMP OF BARREL. [ no pic link ]
After wrap e-tape on the brass until the coupler fits snugly and hot glue or super glue it in.

So you wrap e-tape on your brass and glue the brass in the stump of the barrel. not touching the orange cross.

Next cut a lenth of wire that you can wrap around the pin and to make a hold for your finger then do that.

Warm your hot glue gun and then plug the pump.

After wrap e-tape on the brass until the coupler fits snugly and hot glue or super glue it on.

So for the last step slap a barrel on it. mine has 11 inches of cpvc i dont have a range to give so thats it.

Wtb Foam

11 August 2010 - 01:50 AM

ok so I need some new foam to be specific red foam but i also want +bow. trades: bbb shell, quad shot shell green and black, nf shell ,strike shell green black no slide, raider drum ,deploy, weak strike fire [messed around], and old yellow clip. the rstthat is'nt taken is for sale pm me if you want to know the prices.

Wtb Crossbow

11 August 2010 - 01:31 AM

I want to buy a crossbow dosn't matter what condition as long as it fires i will trade stuff. willing to trade: hornet arrow storm parts and spring strickfire shell painted recon [messy] or $75 and possibly ligntning blitz

Nerfers In Winnipeg?

15 May 2010 - 07:25 PM

i want to know nerfers in Winnipeg and if they have contracting tips if so please message me thanks ;) and also where can i buy cpvc i want to single my longshot?

Nite Finder Cometic + Reanfocement And Extra Spring

15 May 2010 - 07:11 PM

my name is natenerf25 this is my 1st modding post so bear with me

2 nite finder o-rings
1 smaller o-ring
buzz bee rapid fire rifle spring or stronger spring if you like
part of a recon inner barrel 3.in
raider trigger gaurd
#9 washer
long flat screw
hot glue gun and sticks
strong enough catche spring


glue of choice
power drill with 5/8's drill bit
small Philips head screw driver

step 1 opening + plunger

unscrew the gun and take out the plunger and plunger. now get your 5/8's bit and drill and drill through all the way then unscrew the plunger head add the spring and put on the head but don't screw it in yet get your washer hot glue and long flat screw fill the circle on the head with hot glue and put the washer on so you can put the screw in perfectly strait and after put the 2nd nite finder o-ring on then wrap e-tape under the notches so the spring fits tight then cut the tape in half so the spring can't ride up. now put the smaller o-ring on the notches 3 o-rings better seal.

step 2 barrel

get the recon inner barrel then cut the half peace and stick then get 3 inches cut. glue it in so it can fit darts when you fire later you can push the dart to the end of the chamber that has the best results.

step 3 cosmetics

saw the light, ammo holders and half the trigger guard and get a raider and cut its trigger guard off and hot glue that on it fits better in holster

rang tests max i've gotten was 78.2 ft and min 49.5 ft with streamlines so i think there good ranges for a pistol.