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Magstrike Troubles

14 July 2010 - 02:51 PM

I purchased a magstrike yesterday, and did some minor mods to the bladder and enlarged the airholes at the end of the piston. However, it is incredibly inconsistent range-wise, 1 dart might go 25 to 30 feet, and the rest land about five feet in front of me, it seems that the bladder just cant push enough air to supply all 10 darts equally. Any thoughts? I can always refund it since it looks stock on the outside.

Hippo's Zombpocalypse

07 June 2010 - 01:01 AM

Alright kiddies, Hippo's gonna host a Nor-Cal war that has [i]nothing to do with William Cann!
Location: 750 North California Avenue, Jordan Middle school
Date: June 16th, 11:30-6:00

Ban List:
>Homemade airguns
>Singled titans
>Plugged SM5k's
>Singled, plugged 4B's

Rounds (In order, numbers indicate # of rounds):
>Free for all(3)
>Dart Mooch(2)

Apocalypse: 3/15's rules apply, except people can get into teams as large as they choose, teams of 4 and over get sidearms, 3 and under get rifles.

Dart Mooch: whoever has the most darts by the end of a 15 minute round wins!



Justin(on the mailing list)

3k Tubing

28 April 2010 - 11:49 PM

Hi everyone, I've removed the goo gauge on my 3k, and have fitted the tubing from the tank to the pump via heating the tubing towards the end to pull it over the stub on the pump. My problem is, It fits easily, but without glue it doesn't leak but can't take any pressure, with glue, it can take the pressure that circulates through the tubing, but leaks. Any help would be appreciated!

Zbigniew: An Overview

07 March 2010 - 07:36 PM

Hi folks, hippo here with an overview (not a writeup) posted on NHQ and FU that was requested by someone here, It has now been reworked quite a bit, but It served me quite well at BAFF 5, and will be seeing more action at BAFF 6. On a side note, I apologize to those who were expecting a writeup and just wanted to make that clear, enjoy:
Posted Image

>1 Longshot
>PVC of preferred length
>1 Airzone arrow or similar material
>Hot Glue
>An extra catch spring
>1 NF spring
>1 NF plunger rod

Part 1, the Priming mech and springs:

Posted Image

Okay, I set this up like a classic springer, and since PVC can't fit in a Longshot's plunger tube, I had to make it a pullback. I slapped on a NF spring, and made appropriate reinforcements, as long as I don't prime it too fast, It doesn't go off.

Part 2, the barrel:

Posted Image

I'm a sucker for accuracy, so I decided to chamber my signature blaster with my ammo of choice, mega stefans. So with this in mind, it's dead accurate at close range, Nerf is a fast, close range sport, so accuracy is key. Sloppy minimization's on the front were made to accommodate the PVC's length.

Part 3, the seal and barrel connection:

Posted Image

Since PVC doesn't fit onto a longshot's plunger tube effectively, I sliced a hollow portion of an air zone arrow off, and used the piece to support the PVC, It worked quite nicely, I also padded the plunger tube.

Part 4, other aspects:

I wanted my signature blaster to be personal and unique, and after feeling a jolt of patriotism from my quarter of Polish-ness, I slapped a Polish flag on the side, and dubbed it the most outrageous and unpronounceable Polish/Slavic name I could think of: Zbigniew, those who attended BAFF 5 will saw this guy in CTF and Zombies, It was quite reliable.