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How To Modify An Airtech 2000 For Beginers

24 March 2004 - 02:15 PM

Just thought that I would do a quick write up for those just begining or with limited supplies, enjoy! This mod will allow you to fire homemade mirco's or regular nerf mirco's. Also, if you would like to purchase a pre-modded (this mod or a different one) at2k or a nib one so that you can do you own mod please contact me!

First, find a hard, uncluttered table. You need at least a three-foot diameter clear for working space. Next, gather these supplies:

1. The Gun
2. Small, skinny Phillips head screwdriver
3. Hot Glue Gun and lots of glue

Start by unscrewing the screws from the casing. After that, grab the back of the gun, and making sure all of the screws are out, pull apart until a red cap pops off the casing and the gun opens. Remove the pump from its tube and fill the hole on the top with hot glue. When it dries, replace the pump. Apply hot glue to the spring on the valve pin to make it harder to compress. Moving on, take out the orange barrel assemble and, after taking out all of its three (you might have to rotate the barrels to see the ones at the bottom) screws, rip off the four barrels. Some springs and air restrictors should pop out, if not, use your screwdriver to get the stuff out. Replace the barrels with some hot glue and screw the gun back together, forget the cap. The result of this mod should hopefully be a farther shooting, more accurate gun. Make sure not to over-pump it, since you plugged the air release valve, four to five should be enough, six if you really have to.

Xxl Pic

17 December 2003 - 10:49 PM

Here is a mod that I did after having to reconnect the spring :angry: :angry: :angry: (if you need instructions on how to do that pm me) what I did was take a odd pvc piece and after chopping out the air restrictor crap, was able to screw in. CPVC fits right into it for a cool breach loader.
the pic

Brass Or Petg

03 October 2003 - 06:52 PM

which one is better for single barrels and which one is better for multi barrels ( i am thinking about doing a mod on my at 3000