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Dtb Singling

05 March 2010 - 06:43 PM

When I was in the middle of a Dart Tag Blaster (A.K.A. DTB, DTG, and Hyper Fire) modification, I lost the spring that pushes the nozzle thing at the front of the plunger tube flush with the turret. Being stubborn as I am, I created a mod that makes that piece irrelevant. It is kind of like a singled DTB. Ok, so let’s get to the mod.

Step 1: Opening the gun:

On the shell of the DTB, there should be 13-18 screws plus 3 on the cocking mechanism (which you can throw away), all of which you must unscrew to get the gun open.

Step 2: Eliminating useless pieces:

Once you open you DTB up, you should see a bunch of parts. It is very easy for anyone remotely experienced at modding to see how the blaster works. The bar on the cocking mech pushes the plunger rod back. The catch catches the rod using an indent on the rod. The trigger then releases the catch simultaneously turning the turret to make the whole blaster fire.
Now, when ‘singling’ a DTB, you can throw away all the parts necessary to make the turret turn. All of those useless parts are shown here:

Posted Image

Throw all of that away.
Step 3: Brass addition:

Here’s where things get tricky, but bare with me. You’re going to take a piece of 9/16 brass and wedge it onto the front of the plunger tube. It will be a tight fit, but it works well. Now, take a piece of 17/32 brass and slide it in there until it hits the bottom. Make sure that there is a little of the 17/32 brass sticking out of the 9/16. Glue the 17/32 in. Glue the 9/16 to the plunger tube. Make sure it is AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE!

Posted Image

Step 4: Shaving the shell:

One problem I encountered during the process of the modification was that the 9/16 brass doesn’t fit in the shell correctly. The things in the way are these little boogers.

Posted Image

Well, Ok the blurry cloud with a bunch of arrows poking at it doesn’t explain much, I know. Just shave down the shell until a piece of 9/16 brass can it in there.

Ok, so it should look something like this when you are done.

Posted Image

Step 5: Spring addition + plunger rod makeover:

When I was trying to add a spring to the plunger rod on the DTB, a problem arose. There was a curve at the end of the plunger that was ‘necessary’ for the proper functioning of the gun. In an attempt to squeeze a new spring on, I snapped my plunger rod. Luckily I had a replacement! I still wanted that new spring on that sucker though.
To get the spring on, I had to rework the majority of the steps involved in cocking the blaster. Rather than cocking mech to plunger rod to catch, I made it key ring to plunger rod to catch. That key ring will pop out of the back of the blaster where a little silver/gray piece is.
To do that, you must cut off the curved part right where it straightens out. I mean exactly where it straightens out. Not a centimeter to the side. Next drill a hole near the end of the plunger rod and put your wire through. Tie a key ring on and shebang, you got yourself a new plunger.

Posted Image

Step 6: Catch spring replacement:

Well, this should be obvious and easy to do. Due to your new spring power, you need more catch power to back it up. Add your spare spring and your done.

The wrap up:

After you are finished and you put everything in its place, it should look like this. I recommend gluing the 9/16 to the shell for more stability.

Posted Image

This mod was designed for stock darts, as that’s what I use.

All the shots hit a 45 feet away wall when fired flat easily.

Outdoor range test (flat):


Best Barrel For Stock Darts?

25 February 2010 - 08:11 PM

Ok, well I don't use stephans because, when i did, my friends complained they hurt to much. :angry:
So I only use stock darts, usualy streamlines.
I've searched all over NHQ, NH, and pretty much the entire online nerf community for the BEST size and type of barrel for streamlines, but I can not find a good answer!

So I've tried 9/16 brass, for some reason that doesn't work. It seems too loose but I'm not sure.
I've tried 1/2 CPVC. Too small.
The guy at the ace store said PETG was really expensive and i don't want to order it off of Nerf Haven.

So what should I try next?

I was thinking 16/32 would be good, but im not sure.

Dart Tag Blaster Modification Help

24 February 2010 - 04:54 PM

I am a big fan of the dtb. It WAS my indoor primary, but i wanted more power. So I tried adding a spring...
I snapped the plunger rod after 20 minutes of hassle.
I got a replacement, but still wanted to add a spring.
So I divised a plan.

I sawed off the part of the rod where it curves upward and drilled a hole at the end. I weaved
a wire through the hole and tied it on. Then I pulled the wire out the back and planned on using that to cock it. After that i added a spring (not sure wich one) and drilled out the middle of the AR. Next, planning on clip modding the turret, i glued the ARs on. Now, i didnt think that the ARs were glued on flat enough, so I abondoned the clip idea and screwed the turret back together as normal.

I lost the spring off of the front of the plunger tube that pushes the little air nozzle thing (lacking terminology)
close to the turret. Then i lost my replacement (stupid cat). I tried firing it several times and everything sounds
correct but its not firing the dart AT ALL. :(

This is my first topic post so please have mercy. :lol: