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In Topic: My Spring Chamber Modification

11 January 2011 - 02:15 PM

Also as far as doubling up the orings goes, I found that using a smaller oring to push the stock oring forward and hold it in place works best. You don't gain friction, and the seal begins sooner when you fire it. I'm not going to explain it, just look at the internals and imagine how everything moves and you'll see what I mean. Works better than single and double of the same size in my experience.

Also, I'm sure there's a huge lubricant debate and after trying all sorts of stuff I settled on a small packet of ID Glide. Yes, it does look like it has multiple uses! :P

In Topic: My Spring Chamber Modification

11 January 2011 - 02:07 PM

Hey all,

I'm glad this has sparked some debate. Let me just say that this isn't a theory, this is a tested approach along with disassembly afterwards to check the condition of the o-rings. You will want to bevel the drilled hole somehow to stop the oring from being scratched. You will not lose range because if you place the hole in the correct place, the hole will be covered before any pressure builds up inside the chamber. On top of that, if you size the hole correctly (small guys, very small), the small cross section of the hole won't allow much air to escape at all when the chamber is being pressurized, yet it will allow for the vacuum to disappear.

I hope this clears it up. I suggest that you try this, but really think about the mod when you do it. If you place the hole too far forward in the barrel you will get a loss in distance for sure. You want it as close as possible to the plunger in the cocked position.

As for 1 vs 2 o-rings, I found that 1 o-ring was more consistent because it allowed the vacuum to bleed off. I found 2 o rings to fire further if the dart was loaded with a ramrod. With this mod you get the power and suction of the 2 orings without the consistency issues.

Loading with a ramrod for a weapon like the Nite Finder is in my opinion, not an option. Vacuum loading is fast, easy, and effective. With this modification it removes all the consistency and range problems.

Please understand, this method is useless if you don't vacuum load your darts.

Hope this helps,