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Scepter operating PSI

12 February 2018 - 11:26 AM

Does anyone know what kind of PSI the Battlemax bladder puts out? By banding an RF20 bladder with two layers of bike inner tube, I have only been able to get it up to about 50 PSI, and I need more.

WIP Tripple strike overhaul

12 February 2018 - 11:13 AM

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... Sorry about the washed out photos. Those are gross looking.


My current WIP: overhauling a Triple strike. My nerfing group allows shields which encourages a broader range of ammo types (rockets break shields) so I've wanted an all in one blaster that can handle long range, short range and rockets, all available on demand on separate triggers. After much searching, I've settled on the tripple strike. The tanks are beastly, out performing both the big salvo and panther tanks I had in my parts bin.


Work done thus far: 

*Replaced the stock pump with a 16" bicycle frame pump. (Fills every thing in about 5-7 pumps)

*Scrapped the stock trigger manifold. 

scrapped a tank, integrated a SMDTG. Had to chop all 4 hoses and re coupler them to pass them through the shell, but I can stage 3 independent shots ergonomically. 

*Routed the 2 remaining TS tanks to blast buttons. (One behind the shaved down trigger (that will be the top primary tank), the other is zip tied on the right side, just above the trigger (that right tank will fire a rocket)

*Re-plumbed every thing. Soooo many quick connect fittings were used in the process. Each tank system has it's own check valve (the couplers with the pink ends) so they can vent/fire without firing the other systems as well. The single pump automatically routes air any empty tank systems. Surprisingly, the thing actually holds air!


Work remaining:

*Design a mag fed breech for the top tank. I could use a hopper, but my group favors full length darts. I'm hoping to design a breech that springs open after the tank fires (via a mechanical latch), and rig the pump to close the breech on the first pump stroke. That way, loading the next dart would be integrated with re pumping the tank instead of reloading as a separate action. 

*Stabilize the tanks. They have a little bit of wobble after gutting it. 

*design an enclosure to hide the rear plumbing. 


Once it's all done, theirs a small chance that I might actually feel motivated to paint the shell. I'm usually not much for aesthetics, but that chrome pump is dang gorgeous.

Semi auto mag fed (air powered) revisited

01 March 2017 - 03:22 PM

Hi, sorry - long time, no content. I've found a local, well established nerfing group so I've been able to pick up my favorite hobby again! And as such, I've decided to start chasing my unicorn - the project I've been trying to make for years. A reasonably simple and efficient pneumatic clip fed semi auto blaster. Some of you might remember my previous attempt involving a salvo tank plumbed in line to a secret shot pump that had been re-purposed into a piston. The theory was that when the salvo tank filled the pump would also fill - pushing the pump handle out like a piston and closing the breech. The problem, is that as soon as the salvo fired the piston retracted prematurely and half the air was blasted back out of the breech. I realized I would need a separate delayed valve to open the breech shortly after the dart had left the barrel on a delay. I looked briefly at the big salvo valve assembly.  As the o-ring on the salvo trigger passed the buttons it bumped them open - venting and firing the tanks. To date I'd only looked at that valve group using the traditional pump input in the back to fill from so any space between the trigger o-ring and fill line would remain pressurized. Experimentation with this failed though. As the trigger o-ring passed a button valve it would leak air from the reserve. 


My revisit - and the progress to date is again based on a big salvo valve assembly. My "erueka!" moment came when I realized that the big salvo trigger (something I had looked at before but had given up on) was comprised of 4 individual button valves/check valves - so why not fill from one of the back legs (instead of the normal always open fill line - since it operated as a check valve) and add a bumper to the salvo trigger stem to open the fill while the o-ring sealed in pressure!


With the trigger fully retracted the valve group is sealed and the bumper opens the 3rd leg - filling the panther tank and retracting a piston - closing the breech and loading a dart. As the trigger piston begins to move backwards, the bumper slides off of the 3rd leg, (closing off the air reserve) and then the o-ring on the trigger piston bumps the first leg (firing the panther) and a fraction of a second later (hopefully long enough for the dart to leave the barrel) it bumps the second leg venting the piston and allowing the breech to be pulled open by a spring - chambering the next dart. When the trigger retracts the o-ring reseals the valve assembly and the third leg is bumped open again - priming the tank and closing the breech. The fourth leg won't be used.


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I modeled up a longstrike trigger, added a riser with a big salvo trigger stem and then added the extension bumper on the end of it and sent it through my printer.

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The white piece is my final 3d printed piece. It was a drop in perfect fit. Not bad for my first ever time modeling with anything, huh? (I used autodesk fusion 360 and printed in PLA)


So far, proof of concept has only happened as far as blowing into the third leg while sliding the trigger rod around inside. The 3rd leg air inlet shuts off at the appropriate time so I really, really think it'll work!


I bought a small piston on amazon and will be leveraging it's travel long enough to open and close the breech. I'll be picking up the fittings for the piston on my way home from work today. For my air reserve I'm using a banded rf20 bladder. I've still got some bridges to cross but for the first time in years, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Unknown air jet tech series blaster

08 August 2014 - 01:43 PM

I bought some vintage nerf from an online classifieds ad and the lady was kind enough to give me the broken/ non working blasters along with the purchased ones. There were a couple of gems in that dysfunctional pile - namely a complete air tech jet squadron blaster complete with tail and 5 jets. The fifth jet was a puzzle until I found a little blue air pump blaster (also broken) with "do not modify jets or jet launcher" and a 2002 copyright (same year as the tech jet squadron blaster). Dots connected and I realized it must be part of the air tech sonic jet line.

Posted Image

I posted a brag pic to facebook and Bob O'Bob instantly hit on the little blue launcher as unfamiliar/ undocumented territory. After A little more googling I learned there was not an Air jet Tech "line". The squadron blaster was the only documented blaster released that fires the "sonic jets", making this little guy a complete puzzle.(according to orange's nerf page and nerf wiki, and every other resource I could find)

Posted Image
Posted Image

Has anyone ever encountered one of these before? Can you offer a name or even confirm that it actually is part of the air tech jet product line? The squadron blaster barrel pegs have a unique ridge along the top (and only the top) of the pegs. I'll check to see if this has that same ridge.

It doesn't work. It feels like the pump is pushing unrestricted air so either the o-ring is gone, a tube is blown or disconnected, or the tank is ruptured. There are two glued collars so I probably won't be able to open it without destroying it.

As soon as I get a better picture of the stampings I plan on asking the fine folks at Nerf if they can shed any light on the mystery - blaster name, how long it was available for sale, units sold ect. Any thoughts or knowledge from you guys would be appreciated. I've already asked the seller to check with her son to see if he remembers anything about it.
Posted Image
*Edit corrected pictures. I initially had 3 identical pictures.

August S.L.A.N.G. nerf war

18 August 2012 - 05:41 PM

I've sucked at posting war announcements here, but in case there are some Utah members I didn't know about, here ya go:

When: Saturday august 25 Set up and geek out at 9:30, Foam flies at 10:00.

Where: Murray park Soccer fields (primary location - remember it's in the east section of murray park. The section that only has road access via vine st. If the road connects from state st to vine, you need to take the next park entrance to the east. The one that dead ends inside the park!

We've had a lot of luck being able to use the primary location. The massive hill there rocks!

Wheeler historic farm park, south east lawn as the alternate location.

Blaster restrictions: the common offenders... Plugged bbbb's, singled titans....

Eye protection is mandatory!

WATER!!!!! Its still summer. It's hot. Don't get dehydrated!!!
A primary, a pistol, and a quirky blaster that just don't shoot quite right for the awfuls round.
(If you're lacking darts, steffans, primaries, pistols, or awfuls, don't stress it. I bring a tub full of loaners - just let me know you're in need so I can plan extra extras.
Friends, bring friends... We need more participants.
Your B+ game (we nerf for the fun of it, not so much the win)

And there ya go. I'm actually going to send out an e-mail to my nerfers group. That should help attendance...