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In Topic: making an N-strike compatible wooden stock using Rhino - input needed

21 July 2011 - 06:44 PM

This is the second wooden stock I've seen for a nerf gun, the first being on Deviant Art:

I agree with Curly, custom stocks aren't that bad of an idea. I'm not too interested in the rest of your modifications, as I play on a college campus with my blasters, but I'd definitely be interested in a custom stock.

As for painting nerf guns realistically, I remember reading in a thread somewhere that Stargate: SG 1 or Atlantis used a nerf gun painted black as a prop in one episode...in the right setting, used as a prop, it doesn't cause an issue, but on a forum where the members use their nerf guns in public parks, there're bound to be objections. As you said, at conventions cosplayers get away with hell. The nerf community generally doesn't.