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Lock N Load Spring And Barrel Mod

15 December 2008 - 01:00 AM

I recently cracked open my LnL and dropped in a new spring and barrel. The barrel is made from (as Ace Hardware labeled it) 1/4" PVC. It's ID is .49" and it fits the sonic micros perfectly.

For the spring I used two Ace Hardware #155's. I stretched one and trimmed the other until the gun cocked properly. The PVC barrel fit inside the original barrel perfectly, since it was sized for Megas. A little epoxy and the deed was done.

Cocking is achieved by 550 cord and a keyring.

Range: Goes to the apex of a two story house, straight up. Much longer range than a stock longshot or vulcan. No other measurements made.

Posted Image

Nerf Pocket Football Bazooka

15 December 2008 - 12:47 AM

Well I've read through these forums for a couple years now, but this will be my first post.

Recently I got back into Nerf with the advent of the Vulcan. One of my friends got one, and it all went crazy after that. Now our arsenal includes 9 magstrikes, 1 longshot, 1 recon, 2 vulcans, and my trusty lock and load.

We also got our hands on an electric shopping cart and it's currently being "uparmored" with cardboard. Knowing that I'd have to defeat this shopping cart o doom, I set about creating a bazooka.

Posted Image
My Vulcan is next to it for a size reference.

Posted Image
"Cartridge" and mini nerf football "rocket."

Posted Image
Closeup of receiver with rear cover open

Posted Image
Cartridge locked in place, rear cover open.

The barrel is 2" PVC, the receiver is made from a 2" PVC coupler with locking lug recesses cut into it. I nested it within a 3" ABS pipe by heating quartered 1/2" PVC with a torch and rolling it around with a 2" coupler to flatten and shape it so it would fit snugly.

The "cartridge" is made of (from left to right in the 2nd pic):
2" to 1" bushing
screws with cut heads for lucking lugs
1" coupler
2" to 1" bushing
2" PVC expansion chamber
2" endcap
1/4" NPT male fitting with a female/female coupler screwed onto it from the inside

Currently it runs off of my air compressor, but the parts to run it off of Co2 cartridges are coming in the mail. Using a piece of packing tape inside the coupler has reliably fired the bazooka at 90-100 PSI. Range is unknown, as I've only fired it in my garage. Paint is Rustoleum Camo Khaki, Rustoleum Camo Brown, and Krylon flat black.

The ideal projectile for it is the Nerf vortex pocket football, but it will also shoot ballistic balls.

It's my first "home made" so I'll have my flame shield ready.