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The Thunder Clip

20 June 2007 - 08:15 PM

Well This started this afternoon when I decided I should make a clip. Pieces just fell together and I got it working in no time. Also this Is a brand new design. The name is from the roaring thunder while i was finishing it up.

You Need:
-1/2"repair sweat piping copper
-17/32 Brass
-piece I don not know(someone help me)
-1/2" cpvc coupler
-1/2" cpvc pipe

1. Take your copper pipe and attach the piece I am trying to find out. The pipe should me at least 4" long.
Posted Image

2. Mark the pipe for the dart entry to the breech. Refer to above picture.

3. Cut the hole in the copper, I used a mini roto zip.
Posted Image

4. Put the coupler on the end of the copper, it should be a good fit, glue in good.

5. Cut a 1" section of cpvc and hollow it out really good so it will fit over the brass, then cut it in half.
Posted Image

6. Place a length of brass that works good in the gun you want to use(it has to be 17/32 though) into the copper pipe.

7. Slide 1 of the cpvc pieces over the brass until the coupler keeps it in place nice and snug. Mark it and then pull it out and glue it in.

8. Hollow out the nut.
Posted Image

9. Slide over the cpvc and glue into the piece I do not know the name of.
Posted Image

10. Put on a clip system you like.

Your Done.

So when the dart enters you shut it(of coarse) the dart is pushed back but enter into the brass by the brass. There is a lip of the piece i dont know of the keeps it airtight. It is held in place by the cpvc coupler/cpvc.
Posted Image
Open Breach
Posted Image

Also the steps 8-9 can be bettered I am sure. Hope you like it! Completion time is easily less than 2 hours for sure. I hope to get a bbb or some other higher powered gun to try this on soon. Questions/comments?

Zxnam's Cpvc Night Finder System

19 June 2007 - 03:59 PM

This is a 2 part mod, First a double barrel to fit Gengar003's Clean Coupler Mod, and then a an extra mounted shot in the laser beam area.

For the Double barrel you will need:
Two 3" cpvc lengths 1/2" and one 3/4" section(approximate for both)
Two 1.5" lengths of 3/8" vinyl tubing
Electrical Tape

1. Cut both vinyl tubing like so, so the tubing will fit.
Posted Image

2. Fit both pieces into the 3/4" length of 1/2" cpvc and glue it down good.

3. Wrap E-tape around the the end of the vinyl tubing so it fits snugly.

4. Slip the 2 sections of cpvc over the vinyl tubing.

5. Glue it down good. Connect the 2 with glue also.
Posted Image
Posted Image


For Part II you will need:
10" of 3/8" vinyl tubing
Electrical Tape
1" stub of 1/2" cpvc
3" section 1/2" cpvc

1. Cut a 1/2" hole in the shell just forward of the trigger.
Posted Image

2. Wrap E-tape around the end of the vinyl tubing so it fits snugly on the cpvc.

3. Slip the cpvc over the vinyl tubing on one end and glue it in.
Posted Image
Posted Image

4. Cut laser like so, opening it up helps.
Posted Image
Posted Image

5. Slide Vinyl tubing through hole and glue the other end in.

6. Position the barrel so you can connect the other end to the coupler, glue it place.
Posted Image

And your done!

Posted Image

Maveric Slide Repair

18 June 2007 - 03:34 PM

First off I got this Idea from godzillasoaker65 and Frost Vectron.

All you need is:
A nail
A drill
And A cutting tool

1. Drill a hole that will fit your nail right in the middle of the 2 pieces that originally held the bar in place.
Posted Image
Posted Image
2. Cut the nail so there is ~1/4" of nail on either side of the cocking slide.
Posted Image
3. Re-wind the return spring around the nail.
Posted Image
4. Slap it all together and glue it in place. Sand the edges of the nail so you don't cut yourself or someone else.
Posted Image
Posted Image
And you're done! Congrats, your mav. works again.


01 May 2007 - 05:14 PM

I started this mod but then decided i should do a write up.

1. Open up gun(self explanatory)

2. Time to cut, Cut the middle part out, leave either side.
Posted Image
No need for this piece anymore

3. Glue a 5" piece of Cpvc onto the plunger, super glue with epoxy over it was best for me.
Posted Image
Posted Image

4. Dremel down this piece until the Cpvc fits
Posted Image

5. Here is the new plunger assembly:
Posted Image

6. Now put it back together, And you are done! Internals:

I painted it also, i still need to get the barrel but i like it so far,
Posted Image

Ranges: about 55' flat with taggers.

I realize some of the pics are big and some are small, this is my first experience with online photo posting, I will try to fix it, does anyone know why it wont let me resize some of the pics?