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Scored A Longshot At Walmart Today.

03 October 2010 - 10:58 PM

I started thinking a few months back it might be nice to have an extra LS for parts if mine ever broke. As I looked around I could not find one anywhere. I did some searching and it appears the LS was discontinued, or at least is out of production at this time. Anyway, I gave up on it and moved on, looks like my Stampede will be my new favorite anyway...

I went to Walmart today to buy my weekly groceries and I always stop by the toys just for shiggles, and sitting on the shelf was a Longshot, all alone. The box has seen better days but is still intact with factory seals, so I'm guessing it was just lost somewhere in the back. Looks like someone found it and put it out on the shelf.

I was also pleased when it rang up for $24.99. Anyway I guess there are still some out there, any official word from Nerf on the LS? I've seen several places that claim it is discontinued but no actual word from Hasbro, not that they ever actually put it in writing when they discontinue a toy.....

I'm deciding now if I want to sell it and make some extra Christmas money or hang on to it.