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19 March 2010 - 12:40 AM

Date: April 17th? Or whatever is best for everyone else.
Time: Be there by 10:45 War starts at 11:00

Location:Veterans Park. http://maps.google.c...ved=0CAwQtQMwAA

Meet at the South parking lot.

11:00 AM - Team Deathmatch

12:00 PM - Capture the Flag and variants of this game style.

1:00 PM - Dart Sweep

1:15 PM - Lunch Break

1:40 PM - Bull Shitting/Trading

2:00 PM - HvZ and Variants

3:00 PM - Dart Sweep

3:15 PM - Bull Shitting/Trading

4:10 PM - Wingman

4:50 PM - Whatever we feel like/dart sweep

5:00 PM - People will probably start leaving so just what ever we feel like.

Before you leave, pick up all your stuff and help clean up.



Eye protection is a must, unless you are over eighteen years of age.

Don't be a douchebag. If the strength of the weapon is considered to be excessive we reserve the right to "spot ban" it.

No singled ,plugged Titans. Titans are allowed if they have more than 3 barrels(shotgunned)

No tack darts (A.K.A-deathdarts)

No guns that shoot over 200 feet.

No darts heavier than a nerf ball. Stefans must have a rubber, glue, cloth, or foam cover.

All darts and guns will be inspected.

The only shields that will be permitted are Manta Rays and Crossfire Shields

Barrel Tapping is allowed.

Do NOT bring anything painted all black.

What to bring:
Darts alot of them
At least one primary.
A sidearm.
Water and food
Stuff to sell/trade
and just the other stuff you fell the need to bring.

That is all... For now.

Wipeout/pistol Splat Priming Lever?

20 January 2010 - 05:54 PM

Hello sorry if im breaking any rules, if I am just let me know. But anyway I just finished painting my wipeout just to find out my dog chewed up the priming lever. Is there any ways you guys could think of to make a new one? I was thinking wood, my stepdad has all kinds of wood working stuff. So could i get some ideas or Pictures of just the priming handle. (and i need to make the metal peice on it to) Or does anyone have one I can buy?