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Snapbow- pump edition!

12 March 2013 - 11:51 PM

After being absent for three years, I thought I would come back to post my revision of the snapbow. I was largely influenced by Carbon's design but wanted to make my own additions. I am not sure whether the concept is completely original but I hope my designs can help contribute to the community. Here were my requirements of the new design:
-Stock integrated into body (I had some issues with the snapbow mounting the stock to the body tube)
-Plunger rod is contained (as on the original snapbow there were saftey issues)
-Grip smoothly integrated into main body
-Full rifle range (~150ft) while having good rate of fire
-Simple; easy to break down with as few screws as possible

I do not have a full write-up but I took some pictures if anyone is interested in replicating the design.

Posted Image
Without barrel and my red stefons
Posted Image
With clear PVC loader
Posted Image
Pump assembly
Posted Image
Stock assembly
Posted Image
Custom wooden grip- I spent a lot of time getting this sanded and sealed
Posted Image
Basic body and plunger except two things- PVC guides for pump and slots in plunger
Posted Image
Close up of slots- this took some trial and error to get right

If anyone has any questions or comments I will try to reply. Thanks!

Extreme Longshot Mod

16 January 2010 - 08:56 PM

Hey guys, I just wanted to show some pic of my unfinished longshot. I just need to put some bondo on it then paint it.I think i might paint it dark red with black and dark grey highlights. Ok, here are the pics!
Logshot pic 1
Logshot pic 2
Longshot pic 3
Here is a pic of the rail/slide system
rail/slide system pic

Hope you guys like it!!!

Hey guys, alot of you were asking what the attachments were so here is a description. The pvc pipe with foam on it is a grip, the green piece of a longshot stock is a extra mag holder, the yellow and orange piece is a cut down longshot front gun with rails on the side, the maverick is well a maverick, and the cut down titan has the shotgun mod (3 pieces of 1/2 cpvc glued in). For all of you guys that want i writeup i am working on it and it should be up in a few days.

Magstrike Mod

16 January 2010 - 09:00 AM

Hey guys i resently made a magstrike that can shoot 3 mags without pumping it again!!!! I was going to post a writeup on it but then i realised i used a i honestly did not have enough time. I might post one later but i am too busy now. Ok, here is the pic!!!!

Magstrike pic

Hope you guys like it!!
Also, does anyone have any good paintjob ideas?

Check This Out!

15 January 2010 - 07:01 PM

Like anyone else who has bought a nerf gun recently, you probably got a piece of paper with a list of nerf guns on it. I was about to throw it out but then i notices a pic of the new longshot ( longstrike) on it. I then went on toysrus.com and found it in the new toys section!!! Here is the link http://www.toysrus.c...oductId=3938356
It is not in stock yet so I think they are just putting it on the site to get people excited. I think it could easily be turned into a shotgun by doing a forgrip mode simular to the original longshot one, taking out the air restrictors, then of course adding a addition spring. Does anyone else have any ideas?

For those who will probably will ask I AM NOT A NOOB!!!!! I have been moding for a year and a half now and have a fully equipped workshop. It just taking f#$%ing forever to get your accout validated.