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Idea For Homemade Darts

29 March 2011 - 10:17 PM

how about making some kind of mold to pour melted rubber into

similar rubber to stock dart heads

mold would make maybe 50 dart heads at a time that you would then hotglue onto FBR segments

i know most people here use BB or washer stefans but I personally dont like the metal bits

as for the design of the dart heads, i think something like streamlines would be best but there would have to be some way for them to not swerve/fishtail off target

in my expiereince the most accurate stock darts are

mini suction- not available anymore, came with the original blue+orange nite-finders
regular suction
sonic tagger ( the ones with new 2011 Dart tag blasters whistle )
streamline/clip system

i think maybe a hollow Dome shape would be best but may need aditional weight like a rubber plug T shape with a dome on top of it

i dont know how hard it is to get what you need to melt / inject rubber into a mold, but i figure once you have the equipment it would be cheap and easy to make very uniform darts